Only in RepublicanLand does the guy who won with less than 50% of the vote know better what the people of Ohio want than the guy who won with over 60%.

  • Xx

    You are on a roll today. Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap. you guys are really going to lose it when kasich actually BECOMES governor *wheels coming off*


  • 123

    You mean the Governor who won with 60% but then lost to the guy who couldn’t even get 50%? He ran against Ken Blackwell, 60% was underwhelming at best.

  • Anonymous

    You miss the point entirely. Strickland was elected to this term with a clear mandate. The election, especially given the low turnout, closeness, and Kasich’s lack of an electoral mandate doesn’t change it so that Kasich can dictate to Strickland how he should finish out his term.

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