Why won’t anyone just call it for what it is?  John Kasich’s plan as Governor-elect is to take our State’s fiscal problems and make them worse.

Take two examples: John Kasich is planning on implementing the final phase of the income tax cuts began in 2005.  Governor Strickland implemented all but the final phase when he and the legislature, particularly the GOP-lead Senate, couldn’t agree on a package of spending cuts.  Total cost of the final phase of the income tax cut?  Approximately over $800 million.

John Kasich wants to scrap Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model and other school reforms, like all-day kindergarten.  Those reforms are why Ohio received $400 million in federal Race to the Top money.  Scrap the reforms, and the federal government is likely to scrap the funding.  Add another $400 million to Kasich’s deficit.

Now, I’m not including the $400 million in the 3C because by cutting it, he’s cutting the spending that goes along with it.  So just with those two items, John Kasich’s promises will likely add $1.2 billion to Ohio’s deficit BEFORE he starts paying for it all with spending cuts.

Does anyone in the media bluntly point out that instead of offering solutions to the budget deficit Kasich’s proposals actually are making it worse?

Nope, if you’re the Cleveland Plain Dealer, you just report the whole thing as: “Anti-tax pledges add intrigue to upcoming Ohio budget process.”  Yes, instead of writing about how our Governor-elect is planning to make our projected budget deficit substantially worse, we instead get a piece of royal navel gazing passed off as legislative palace intrigue.  That’s what you get when you have a paper endorse a candidate.  You get blatant hypocrisy that the poor and middle class will pay the brunt of passed off as nothing more than a political Houdini magic trick.  Let’s see how Kasich will get out of this jam….  Never mind the countless Ohio families that will be in a worse one as a result.

It’s sad that not one Ohio newspaper is willing to call John Kasich out on the insanity of promising what could require, by some estimates, as $9 BILLION in spending cuts to pay for his ideological warfare.  That not one paper is willing to stand up to a man who was elected by a plurality in an election in which not even a majority of the registered voters voted and point out the insanity of driving up the deficit to pay for income tax cuts we can’t afford, while also scrapping school reforms we can’t afford not to make.

Even in his journalistically shameful public worshipping of Kasich, Joe Hallett admitted that Kasich has no mandate from the people of Ohio to do these things.

“Two days after winning 49 percent of the vote, Kasich was talking like a victor with a sweeping mandate.”

But then Hallett goes on to applaud Kasich for acting as if he had a mandate.  Let’s all admire the emperor’s new clothes, never mind there’s not a thread of reality on him!

As Governor-elect Kasich engaged in political stagecraft by wagging his fingers at the very lobbying community his campaign relied on, and is still relying on for his transition and inauguration, we have nobody willing to stand up and challenge a Republican who barely won in a Republican tide year.  Complete unknowns like those that defeated Congressman Charlie Wilson have a stronger claim to mandates for proposing sweeping changes than Kasich is making.

Kasich’s budget cutting is never about fiscal conservatism, that is just a means to an end for him.  He used the 1990s federal budget deficit as a tool to pass what was otherwise an unpopular ideological war to cut the Department of Veterans Affairs, end the Department of Education, Commerce, and Energy, etc.  And he’s doing it again.

Nothing reveals Kasich’s disingenuity more than the fact that he’s going to increase the state’s deficit by over a billion dollars simply in the name of his ideology—all the while Ohio’s newspapers actually praise him for tackling a problem that is largely his—and his own party’s—own making.