And in that performance art, you have done a telling commentary of the state of the Ohio political media.  John Kasich is getting away with murder.  Figuratively, at least, but in one week we’ve seen that we cannot trust the Ohio newspaper establishment to hold Kasich accountable for his words during the campaign, even if they were only uttered two weeks ago.

Here’s what Kasich’s campaign said about consolidating school districts days leading up to the election, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (who endorsed Kasich):

Kasich has denied that he told a group of education leaders in September that, if elected, he would pare down Ohio’s 613 public school districts by one-third, to about 400.

"John has never talked about consolidating schools. John has talked about sharing services," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Toledo Blade on Wednesday.

Kasich, at a campaign stop later that day, noted it was Halloween season and accused the Strickland campaign of making things up to "scare people."

The campaign repeated on Friday that Kasich never made such a claim.

(emphasis added.)

Here’s the Columbus Dispatch’s Joel Hallett over the weekend:

It is well past time that a governor demand that local governments, including school districts, start consolidating and sharing the costs of services. Kasich will do so. (emphasis added.)

And here’s the Columbus Dispatch editorial also from yesterday talking about Kasich’s first post-election press conference:

“Kasich indicated that he will be pressing school districts to reduce administrative costs through some sort of consolidation.”

A week before the election, the Ohio media reported that rumors about Kasich supporting school district consolidation was part of the “smears” by the Strickland campaign that Kasich was deriding, an effort to “scare” people by making false claims of things Kasich really wasn’t planning to do as Governor.

Now, they’re applauding him for supporting that which a week earlier he denied he’d ever consider.

And not one Ohio newspaper is calling him out for his campaign’s dishonesty over the issue.  They’re too busy applauding him over it.  And we aren’t even a week past the election, yet!

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  • Guest


    Won’t be any newspapers for long. They aren’t doing their job and it is too expensive to use to wrap up garbage. Oh yeah right, newspapers are garbage in disguise.

  • Tpiteo65

    I hope that all the rich republicans, in these rich school districts, that voted this turd in, choke on it when they have to consolidate with a poor underperforming district.

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  • Delco

    When Hallett starts paying my school district taxes maybe I will agree. In the meantime, how in the hell is consolidating with surrounding schools going to save my district any money? How is it going to save money for Cleveland public or Columbus public? I cannot think of any significant administrative savings that my school district will see to make it worth paying for a mega school district. If they want to dictate that schools are no longer local, then they can freakin’ fund them at the state level and I can lower my mortgage payment by $375 dollars/month.

  • Anastasjoy

    And the Plainly Republican today ran an article about Kasich rejecting rail money with a cute little poll about “What should Ohio do with the money” and completely NOT MENTIONING that Ohio cannot do ANYTHING with the money if there is no passenger rail because the money belongs to rail, not to Ohio, and it’s GONE if we kill passenger rail.

  • Dael4 going down slow, this is a very perceptive and depressing view of things, Hedges Laments The ‘Death Of The Liberal Class’

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