From the daily archives: Monday, November 8, 2010

It’s actually surprising to realize that it hasn’t even been a week since Kasich won the election.  And yet, the stupidity keeps building daily.

Today, it’s Governor-elect Kasich’s letter to President Obama on the 3C funding:

“Passenger rail is not Ohio’s most pressing infrastructure concern at this time. Instead, Ohio’s existing freight rail and highway transportation infrastructure has significant upgrades needs. Therefore, I request that you make provisions for the $400 million to be used to support other vital transportation infrastructure projects in Ohio.

“In the event that you cannot accede to my request, I ask that you […]

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This is such a great story.

The board printed voter registration forms and voting instructions in Spanish and provided bilingual ballots for 71 precincts with sizeable Hispanic populations.

The county printed nearly 70,000 bilingual ballots for the precincts, almost all of which were in Cleveland. That cost an extra $30,000. Printing costs will increase about $400,000 next year for each extra page needed to include translated language of ballot issues.

The county’s test drive for the new ballots seemed to work well. Justice Department observers reported no problems or lack of compliance with the agreement, said spokesman Michael Tobin.


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Why won’t anyone just call it for what it is?  John Kasich’s plan as Governor-elect is to take our State’s fiscal problems and make them worse.

Take two examples: John Kasich is planning on implementing the final phase of the income tax cuts began in 2005.  Governor Strickland implemented all but the final phase when he and the legislature, particularly the GOP-lead Senate, couldn’t agree on a package of spending cuts.  Total cost of the final phase of the income tax cut?  Approximately over $800 million.

John Kasich wants to scrap Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model and other school […]

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And in that performance art, you have done a telling commentary of the state of the Ohio political media.  John Kasich is getting away with murder.  Figuratively, at least, but in one week we’ve seen that we cannot trust the Ohio newspaper establishment to hold Kasich accountable for his words during the campaign, even if they were only uttered two weeks ago.

Here’s what Kasich’s campaign said about consolidating school districts days leading up to the election, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (who endorsed Kasich):

Kasich has denied that he told a group of education leaders in […]

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