Unless the PD is filled with naive children who have never opened a civics book (possible!), that’s the only explanation for their moronic take on the very first caucus of Democrats elected to county council, which was cancelled last night.

Democrats elected to Cuyahoga County council planned to meet privately today and choose a council president, but scuttled the meeting on concerns about its propriety.

The turnabout happened Friday after some council members objected and The Plain Dealer editorial board raised questions about the party caucus.

“Concerns about its propriety” means “PD whined about the Republicans not being there.”  Dutifully, the PD had an editorial on the topic too.

Reportedly, Connally has a majority of the Democratic votes and asked for a party caucus. That is, one of her supporters explained, the way things are done in city councils, the legislature and Congress.

Here’s the flaw in that logic: The voters who threw out Cuyahoga County’s old government structure are sick and tired of the way things have been done…

Blah blah blah.  No, the flaw in the logic is that there’s a difference between Democrats caucusing to select a leader, and council meeting to elect a president.   You’d think Miller or Connally would know this.  Council will elect its president when it first convenes, in public of course, but the Democratic caucus can select its leader whenever it feels like, however it feels like, and without the permission of the Plain Dealer.  Why Miller and Connally put themselves in a position to look this foolish is the real problem here.

Political parties in legislatures caucus among themselves.  That is a fact of legislatures since the first parliament, the first Roman senate, the first student council.  It doesn’t matter how many Gadsden flags the teabaggers at the PD want to wave in our faces, how many quill pens they wag under a colonial hat with teabags hanging from it, the parties are going to caucus.  In private.  Without the other party.  Duh.  I’m quite certain the three Republicans have had a meeting of precisely this type already, but you won’t hear about it from the PD, not least because they are Republicans, but also because they have only 3 seats.

The PD did not re-create the notion of representative democracy, folks.  And they are not its arbiter.  The PD may be shocked, shocked! I tell you, that their beloved Issue 6 county reform only elected 3 Republicans out of a possible 12 seats in a Democratic county, but that doesn’t make them Aristotle.

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  • mvirenicus

    i can’t believe anybody still reads the PD. i certainly don’t. i might go to their web site once in a blue moon to get an elusive sports score or something similar, but my life is otherwise blissfully detached from that rag.

  • Anastasjoy

    Tim, I am trying not to read the PD for a while because I don’t want to puke (unfortunately, just seeing the headlines in the box today made me so angry I wanted to smash it), so can you tell me if they have done their huge, hand-wringing article yet about the danger of the Republicans having too much state power? Since this has way more impact than county government, I assume they must have run several articles full of caveats and warnings to the Republicans not to be too presumptuous, right?

  • Anastasjoy

    I’ve seen a deluge of people canceling since their insulting Kasich endorsement, and I suspect this trend will continue if they keep beating up on the new government and nitpicking it in a way i suspect they are NOT doing with the newly elected state officials. They are probably pissy because their entire Issue 6 campaign was thwarted: it depended on electing a corporate puppet as county executive, and the voters didn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I think there was a misguided concern that this somehow violated Sunshine Laws. But, whatever.

  • brian

    The PD finds fault with our county government partisan make-up, but remains oddly silent about the make-up of the Ohio Supreme Court. Funny that.

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