I have absolutely no evidence or information to back this prediction up, but here it goes anyway:

John Kasich will announce that he will not move his family into the Governor’s Residence in Bexley.

He’ll claim it’s because he doesn’t want his daughters to have to leave their private, over-priced, Jesus-themed school.

Guess he should have thought about that before he decided to run for Governor.

  • Guest

    Know what’s funny?

    I bet John Kasich couldn’t care less about how you raise your kids (assuming you’re not giving them drugs or exposing them to violence or pornography, etc).

    But you seem to have a rather strong opinion about how he’s raising his. So strong, in fact, that you take to the Internet and make smart-ass comments about it.


  • Nah. The politicos will override this one. I predict.

  • Victoria Ullmann

    I am also waiting to see if he moves the governor’s office back to the Riffe to insulate himself from the press and from the people. That whole “people’s house” thing Ted did is definitely not going to be part of this I think.

  • cbusdem

    If he doesn’t move there it will cost taxpayers more, he’d need security at his westerville home 24/7 and they’d still have to maintain the governor’s residence and provide security there at least during the day.

  • I don’t give two shits how John Kasich raises his kids. My point was that he’ll be using his daughters as an excuse for not moving to Bexley.

  • Absolutely correct Victoria.

    I’d give the residence prediction maybe a 50/50 chance but there is no way in hell Kasich is going to make himself as available as Ted has.

  • Ww2historybuff

    Nice call, by the way.

    Kasich declines Governor’s Residence
    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 02:50 AM

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  • Thanks for noticing!

  • Guest

    Radical Republicans fiscal conservative my a@@. Not when they run thing especially when it’s into the ground. How much is this going to cost the Ohio taxpayers over 4 years?

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