I always thought the first thing John Kasich would announce after winning the Governorship would be the formation of a Presidential campaign exploratory committee.

It turns out he’s decided to take a different route.

Today Kasich wrote Strickland a letter asking the current Governor to immediately cancel his plans to expand passenger rail in Ohio.

The Governor did exactly what he should have done. He told Kasich to go fuck himself.

If Kasich wants to turn down nearly half a BILLION dollars in federal funding – funding that would help bring SIXTEEN THOUSAND JOBS to Ohio – he’s going have to do it on his own watch.

Here’s the quote from Ted’s office:

“The governor fears that if we do not take advantage of this opportunity Ohio will become an island, disconnected from the rest of the country,” Amanda Wurst said. She said the Strickland administration will not return the $400 million for rail on his watch. In a post-election challenge to Kasich, Wurst said, “If Governor-Elect Kasich wants to return the $400 million for the rail startup and send 16,000 jobs to another state, that will be his decision to make when he becomes governor.”

New York Gov-Elect Andrew Cuomo has already written to Director of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation LaHood asking for the money.

According to Cuomo:

“High speed rail is critical to building the foundation for future economic growth… If these Governors-Elect follow through on their promises to cancel these projects, a Cuomo Administration would move quickly to put the billions in rejected stimulus funding towards projects that would create thousands of good jobs for New Yorkers.”

  • It’s smart on Kasich’s part. Then he could claim that Ted lost 416,000 jobs. Crazy like a Fox that Kasich.

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  • Victoria

    But Ted would never give up the rail money. when Kasich does it, it will be the first campaign issue of 2012.

  • The governor did the right thing. Kasich and wait for January to start screwing up Ohio…

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  • Just A Mystery

    Exactly how does this railroad create 16,000 permanent jobs for Ohioans?
    How many are needed to build railroad cars? How many for conductors and maintenance? I think the tracks are already there. The feds come up with the craziest ideas for funding. There really wouldn’t be many commuters to Columbus or Cincinnati, those cities need jobs, too.
    Answer, if you dare.

  • guest

    I bet if you took the amount of money that is spent nation wide on building new roads and the maintance on keeping them up — you might find that the R.R’s would take less maintance — saving money. Yes ,the trucking industry might suffer — but –if you have depots and access for truckers — the products would have less travel to get to the consumer and the truckers would be home more with their families. As far as travel by rail — its great — see a lot of the country you may other wise never see. The states asking for Ohios rejected money seem to have a vision — connecting the nation from one coast to the other. They will have to go around Ohio now. ( shows me how short sighted Kasich is )
    As far as new jobs — the list is boundless — the manufacuring alone would be huge ( consider the parts of the railroad cars — sides ,wheels, and if its a passenger train the nice travel cars decked out ) the steel industry would ramp up. Ohio use to have a lot of steel mills.
    You know sometimes newer isnt better — sometimes the old stand bys are still the way to go.
    If someone lived on the line that connects close to where they work imagine the savings on car owning.
    You can pick at this all day long — there are still some great values to the rail system– think about it. Just because it doesnt seem feasible for you doesnt mean others wont find it invaluable.
    If you are in doubt — write Mr. Cuomo a letter and ask him what kinds of jobs will be available. AND I bet someone there will answer you.

  • guest

    I found a list in addition to the construction jobs that the rails would provide heres the list
    Railroad Jobs::
    Conductor Jobs
    Locomotive Mechanic
    Railroad Maintenance
    Railroad Engineer Jobs
    Safety Managers
    Signal Operators and Switch Operators
    Train Dispatcher Jobs
    Train Master
    Yardmaster Jobs
    Freight Carman
    this does not include if its a passenger –the service jobs ( food personnel,laundry, kitchen help in general )sales jobs ( I am sure they would have some type of shops on the trains and @ depots )
    I would think lots of college students may find the railroads a way to get back and forth home for visits( not everyone can afford a car)

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  • Lucywarlick

    I hope Kasich looks into the current management at the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services. The top four women in charge are running this place into the ground (note: I’m a feminist, but I don’t support women who abuse power). The current assistant director was only appointed to this position because she is related to county councilman Marco Sommerville (Sommerville’s wife and other relatives work there too), yet she is reportedly still facing civil charges for sexually harassing at least three female employees!

  • Augustus

    Clearly you don’t know Summit County politics. Marco Sommerville is a CITY councilman. The President of Council to-boot. If you truly believe that his wife was appointed because of the relation, you are wrong. With the exception of a few positions, the employee’s are qualified for their job. With that, I do believe Summit County government is efficient and a model for other counties.

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