From the daily archives: Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have absolutely no evidence or information to back this prediction up, but here it goes anyway:

John Kasich will announce that he will not move his family into the Governor’s Residence in Bexley.

He’ll claim it’s because he doesn’t want his daughters to have to leave their private, over-priced, Jesus-themed school.

Guess he should have thought about that before he decided to run for Governor.

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I always thought the first thing John Kasich would announce after winning the Governorship would be the formation of a Presidential campaign exploratory committee.

It turns out he’s decided to take a different route.

Today Kasich wrote Strickland a letter asking the current Governor to immediately cancel his plans to expand passenger rail in Ohio.

The Governor did exactly what he should have done. He told Kasich to go fuck himself.

If Kasich wants to turn down nearly half a BILLION dollars in federal funding – funding that would help bring SIXTEEN THOUSAND JOBS to Ohio – he’s going […]

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Looks like Chris Redfern has been working the phones with a lot of people other than me.

The theory further went that as titular head of the party, Brown, who faces re-election in two years, would replace Redfern with trusted politico and former union boss John Ryan, who works for Brown.

In the insular ODP world that allows the AFL-CIO to give us Rob Burch, Lee Fisher, Marc Dann, etc., I suppose making John Ryan the new ODP chair makes all the sense in the world.  In a world where Democrats actually win elections, it makes no sense […]

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I’m starting to understand why the ODP’s field operation, by all accounts (including mine) a pretty good one, failed to deliver the Democratic turnout required in Tuesday’s close election to secure victory for Ted Strickland.

When I first heard the story of ODP paid canvassers bouncing checks, my first thought was….checks?  Who the hell pays street money in checks?  Most folks who are available to do this work, late in a campaign, do not have bank accounts.  They are unemployed, a street money campaign gig is often the most money they will make that month, maybe all year.  And […]

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Unless the PD is filled with naive children who have never opened a civics book (possible!), that’s the only explanation for their moronic take on the very first caucus of Democrats elected to county council, which was cancelled last night.

Democrats elected to Cuyahoga County council planned to meet privately today and choose a council president, but scuttled the meeting on concerns about its propriety.

The turnabout happened Friday after some council members objected and The Plain Dealer editorial board raised questions about the party caucus.

“Concerns about its propriety” means “PD whined about the Republicans not […]

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