Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press picks up our post on John Kasich’s former Chief of Staff and OSU “aide” Don Thibaut forming a new lobbying company (The Credo Company) when it looked like his boss would have the keys to the state.  It’s unclear yet if he’ll feed at the trough that Kasich is vowing not to fill, but we’ll obviously keep a close eye on it.

Julie does dig further and finds that Don has been paid some 700,000 over the course of the past decade through many non-profits Kasich kept going to prop up his future political career.  Not bad work if you can get it.

Julie’s article title nets some 369 373 Google results.  Safe to say the word is out.  😉

As they say.  Developing…

  • Damn! Smyth stole my second post on the topic.

    Oh what will I ever post about now?

  • The Village Idiot

    OK Thibaut Snouts Kasich’ Swill-Trough, Launches New Lobbying Company…Nov 4 and 5 respectively. Got it! Save to file, Kasich’ political misdemeanors. Your site will help this Clevelander for sure!

  • Coman

    I don’t get it. Campaign advertisements aired during this last election admonishing that Kasich had plans to bring in his cronies if he became governor. The ad had Kasich saying this clearly. I saw it many times. I never saw him refute it. His first action should have been expected. It was predicted months before he did it. That it is news is perplexing.

    He stated in public that he would bring in his associates,and pay them big bonuses to do something (not specified exactly what) . In his own words he admits he will give his associates “big bonuses” and will not reveal what those “big bonuses” will be. Is there any way to doubt his intention?

    Politicians who believe government is evil , regardless of what level it exists on, do not feel obligated to serve the people well. They can be counted on to serve their defining ideology, because that ideology serves their agenda. Getting into power using lies and conning voters with whatever works gives corrupt politicions all the rationalization they need to continue believing they deserve to be the takers and never the givers. That is a core belief for them and it drives a form of government that rewards elites and permits a guiltless dismissal of the needs of people outside their vested interest group.

    Voters who permit political groups to hoodwink them over and over again convince politicians that the “people” are too stupid to worry about. They see duped voters as too easily confounded. The ease with which voters can be conned innoculates the conners against any feelings of guilt over what they did.. Once voters put the agenda-driven candidate into office they lose all value.

    A voting sector that can be kept uninformed or misinformed is a power to use to insert the agenda-driven candidates into a campaign. A voting sector that seeks to be informed, reads, searches, bothers to perform the civic duty to know issues and candidates is a danger and an ultimate source of destruction for that same agenda-driven elite In that latter group any divisive, demeaning, swift boating tactic is viewed as fair. Nothing is off the table, as long as it increases the liklihood of winning.

    That truth drives most of the political campaigns today, especially for Republicans, who have designed a 24/7 base that carries out voter management on a continuing basis. Airing views and debating issues and encouraging critical thinking based on validated, vetted research
    is not in their instruction book. They use those forms as the vessel for pouring their manufactured information down willing throats The truth is that the content is edited to protect the elite and destroy the opponent.

    Until the American voter creates methods of controlling agenda-driven government they are without power until the next election rolls around. Voters who are liberated enough to stay skeptical and independent can scream the facts as much as they want, but the effect is limited to a level well below where the powerful are stationed.

    Designing ways to pit voter sections against one another rids the elite from the pressure that people might otherwise exert on them to abandon ideology and consider something else. When any candidate for public office can be elected without exposing the beliefs and intents that inform his or her choices, voters are cheated. Voting in that sense is a “buyer beware” proposition. It is a crap shoot at best and a subverting of the Constitution at worst.

    This last election is an excellent example of how easy it is to resurrect the con game voters thought they had removed from office. It is a testament to the importance of haveing an emotionally strong value in campaigns. Voters seek to use their vote as the basic expression of their personal feelings and expectations for the government they think they deserve and can have, if only such and such is done.

    Developing that emotional issue and tying it to campaign candidates is the first step to election success. Learning how to create a fake emotional issue can be determined from a lot of recent campaigns. But beware of limiting a campaign history to a few months. Stealing an election starts years before the deed is carried out.

  • Anonymous

    I predict great prosperity during Kasich’s 8 years as governor.
    Respectfully, Insufferable troll

  • Wow. Great prediction dude. The past three quarters we’ve already seen “prosperity” returning to Ohio.

    I predict John Kasich is in over his head. I predict John Kasich has no fucking clue how state government works. I predict John Kasich throws coffee at many, many people.

    Which brings to me to another prediction….

    (see next post)

  • not exactly what I was getting at, but I also predict John Edwards may soon be banned from commenting at Plunderbund.

  • +1

  • Victoria

    He won’t have to pay much for office space as I expect he will sit in Kasich’s lap for most of the next four years as he drives the bus over the lobbyists that don’t pay to get on his bus. (We are all going to be stuck on the stinky bus since he’s ditching our train)

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