From the daily archives: Friday, November 5, 2010

Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press picks up our post on John Kasich’s former Chief of Staff and OSU “aide” Don Thibaut forming a new lobbying company (The Credo Company) when it looked like his boss would have the keys to the state.  It’s unclear yet if he’ll feed at the trough that Kasich is vowing not to fill, but we’ll obviously keep a close eye on it.

Julie does dig further and finds that Don has been paid some 700,000 over the course of the past decade through many non-profits Kasich kept going to prop up his […]

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Incredible Mick Jagger thingy

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I’m digressing but I’m trying to explain where we came from. We didn’t have a template. Nothing against Steven Tyler, but there’s a difference. We felt around in the dark; we were famous within weeks; and, in the end, we left a body or two behind us. We did these things, good and bad, together; we were friends.

I’m not even half way through it, and it’s awesome.  (BTW, I got fooled – not far into the comments, it’s clear it’s a hoax…or not.  Who knows with these guys.)

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The day after the election I was perusing Twitter in a “hate to look” sort of way when I saw something about a mob scene or some such down at ODP. Complete with Twitpics of lots of people in front of the old ODP offices (now Franklin County Dems). The right was losing their minds claiming ODP wasn’t paying canvassers and a riot was about to break out.

Of course our buddy DJWorcestershire was all over the case tweeting this and that about how the GOP didn’t pay canvassers and telling the media to get down there […]

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When you gonna criticize your hero, Tim?  Been gettin a lot of that.  There’s plenty to criticize, but one big one stands out for me.

Much is made of Barack Obama’s many trips to Ohio.  They had no appreciable impact on voter turnout in African American precincts, who voted over 90% Democratic.

I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am, but Barack Obama never went to a black church in Ohio during this cycle.  In fact, the rally in Cleveland on Sunday was not at a church, but in the CSU arena, which ODP could not, […]

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