I heard rumors about this floating around on election night and I just saw that Hannah confirmed it: Strickland will get to appoint O’Connor’s replacement when she takes over as chief justice on January first.

Since Strickland will be Governor until January 10th, he’ll still be in power when the vacancy opens up and therefore will be able to fill it.

Anyone think he’ll choose Eric Brown again? Cordray?

I’d love to see him appoint Kent Markus just to piss off the right wing bloggers.

  • Anastasjoy

    Appointing Kent Markus would not only piss off right-wing bloggers it would piss off a lot of Democrats and probably guarantee our loss of that seat in the next election. I’m not up for political suicide just to make a small band in bloggers unhappy. Picking Brown over Mary Jane Trapp would drive activist women further away from the party since virtually every Jennifer Brunner volunteer decamped for Mary Jane’s campaign. Mary Jane did better than Eric so that would be the ultimate slap in the face – and still more Fisher points. The best thing about ending Cordray’s political career with an appointment to the Supreme Court would be opening the door for Jennifer to be the gubernatorial nominee in 2014. But I still think Mary Jane is the far better choice, as brilliant as Rich is.

  • Hepburn

    I agree Mary Jane Trapp is the far better choice. As one of the many Brunner volunteers who decamped for Trapp’s campaign, I can assure you if Brown is picked over Trapp, I’ll be driven further away. The Fisher debacle forced many to sit this one out. A Trapp appointment would be the first step to get it right by 2012.

  • Shameless Agitator

    I think Strickland owes Jennifer Brunner this appointment.

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