The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that a newspaper in India is cheering the election of John Kasich because they believe it’s an end of Governor Strickland’s executive order prohibiting state contracts from using overseas labor.

Strickland’s executive order expires at the end of his term, unless Governor-elect Kasich reinstitutes it when he’s sworn in.

  • If a country has a comparative advantage for a service, they should certainly be used. I keep wanting to make you libs re-watch that episode of West Wing where President Bartlet makes the case for trade.

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  • Two things. 1. “Comparative advantage” on an unfair playing field is misleading. Unless of course in your matrix you consider workplace conditions, comparative pay, safety conditions, etc, etc. 2. Bad optics despite the economics of it.

  • Whistleblower

    Contractors are cheering also as JFS is paying one contractor over 500k for a years of work, and his other associate on the contract all make over 250k per year. They pay 500k for a project manager to do over sight for JFS and he is not even a certified PMP. Check out RFP NUMBER: 0A1070 and the award amounts. Also check out the qualifications as this company wrote the rfp for themselves while at JFS an no one else bid on it. They wrote it in a way that no one else could and the JFS staff let it happen. Not one certified person on cisco or nortel voice gear or call center gear. Sounds fishy.,

  • Tom

    Not to worry. My company which has used offshore resources in the past, has decided not to do any more offshoring, at least not until we get our unemployment numbers back to single digits. We are able to provide value for money using only local talent.
    Do not forget that we the people have the power to make the free markets more responsible and balanced in its choices and decisions.

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