The ink wasn’t even dry on the election results, and Kasich had already shown his true colors:

Kasich kept his supporters waiting past 1 a.m. for his victory speech while he appeared on the cable channel Fox News, where he had been employed as a commentator.

It’s pretty clear what his priority is – and it’s not the people of Ohio, or even his own loyal supporters.

This is what you voted for, Ohio. The “new ideas” of a guy who spent 22 years as a part of the GOP machine that put us in this mess to begin with, who refused to say what his “new ideas” are, and whose priority isn’t even the citizenry of the state he his now to be governor of. I hope you remember it going forward.

  • Shameless Agitator


  • Yet he told his supporters that he was sorry to keep them waiting and he too was tired of waiting “for them to declare me the winner”.

    One upside is this dude is going to be one hell of a punching bag and a pretty easy mark.

  • My county is doomed. My state is doomed. My country will be deadlocked. My unemployment will run out without another extension. My job prospects will dry out … again. I’m going to France.

  • Tpiteo65

    wow murdoch now runs a state! his little puppet boy wont make a move until he consults with fox first.

  • Guest

    I’ll be interested to see what his plan is to fill the 8 million dollar deficit in the state budget WITHOUT raising taxes or WITHOUT cutting jobs or essential programs.

    If there’s a silver lining to all of this, it’s that he’s going to create enough of a negative record that there is no way he’ll ever be able to run for president.

  • Bob

    Look for Fox News to become even bolder. They won this election, not the GOP or Tea Party.

    But I do have one question. Why did the Tea Party not do as well out West? I mean California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, etc. That is a traditional conservative area and even though the GOP did not have strong candidates, it should not have mattered. Idiots like Kasich and Vitter and DeWine and others won simply because they were not Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Please read my new post. He was not elected by the majority of the people of Ohio. He won the closest election in our lifetime. He has no mandate, and we will refuse to allow him to preen as if he won a landslide.

  • Bob

    The GOP has a mandate, like it or not. They now have title to the State of Ohio. I can already feel the prosperity of 2005.

    Seriously, Kasich didn’t win by much, but his party (Mike DeWine,seriously?) has control. In two more years, as we watch a great migration out of the state, jobs becoming non-existent, schools bankrupt, maybe the GOP will lose. I don’t like this anymore than you and your readers, but they have a mandate.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I’ve always been told a mandate requires that you tell the voters what you’re planning on doing and then getting a majority of them to vote for you. Kasich did neither.

    No, he did not get a mandate. He won by almost default with a plurality of the vote by people who have virtually no idea what he’ll actually do as Governor. As such, he does not have a mandate to enact an agenda he hasn’t shared with us during the campaign.

  • Bob

    Mods, his agenda is to do whatever Fox tells him. I can’t wait to see Sean Hannity addressing the legislature.

    I didn’t mean that he had a “literal” mandate. I meant that the GOP is going to throw their weight around until Ohio sees that they aren’t accomplishing anything or the people don’t care anymore. My guess is the latter. I have two sons in college and I doubt if they or any of their classmates are going to stay in Ohio. Blue collar jobs are vanishing and with Kasich outsourcing everything that he can, the state is going to shrink.

    Kasich followed the Fox playbook; platitudes, attacks, and don’t answer to the press. It was stated earlier that he is going to be a punching bag, but if he doesn’t answer to the press, it won’t matter.

  • Anonymous

    I was there. The party rocked, especially when Strickland conceded. I’d have waitied all night long to see Kasich bask in the glow of his win. No big deal 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, you can’t tell time either. Hey, genius, you DID wait all night.

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