First, our traffic is as high today as it was yesterday which I’ve never seen the day after an election.  (Maybe in 2008, but it’s surprising given that we lost). 

But, and we’ve never shared this information before, here are the top searches leading people to our site today:


Kind of funny to see that we’re the go-to place for people trying to find out what Kasich stands for, particularly on education.  Kind of depressing that people are doing this after the election.

And this post I wrote in September is what these searchers are reading more than anything.

I think we just became the blog of record on all things related to Governor-elect Kasich…. That should make for an interesting four years, no?

  • Anonymous


    All I read here for weeks was how Kasich was going to go down in flames. And despite a multi-million dollar class warfare campaign, and 72 visits from Obama, you still bit the dust. Hahahahaha.

    Enjoy your time in the wilderness losers!

  • Anonymous

    Um, his polling did show an epic collapse from his highs in August. He got less than 50% of the vote.

    12 visits from Obama. You apparently suck as counting AND reading.

    They’ll be another election in four years. We’re going nowhere (nor will this State with Kasich as Governor.)

  • Anonymous

    i envy you. you get to just sit back and enjoy the prosperity that’s coming

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, from the economic recovery that began during Governor Strickland!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, from the economic recovery that began during Governor Strickland!

  • Guest

    Excellent idea, 4 years of Kasich bashing. I’m definitely down for that.
    Getting rid of state income taxes creates votes, doesn’t create jobs. Still waiting for the jobs that the Bush tax cuts created. Bueller, Bueller, Bueller. ……Absent!

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