In 2006, over 4 million Ohioans voted.  There were 274,000 less votes last night in the Governor’s race, according to unofficial returns.

And a majority of Ohioans didn’t vote for John Kasich.

No Governor in recent history has been elected without winning the majority of the popular vote, except for our new Governor-elect.  Even in a night when his party won big, Kasich and DeWine both failed to get even a majority of the vote.

Kasich won by less than 100,000 or 2.5% of the electorate.  In a campaign in which he gave us virtually no indication what he was planning on doing as Governor. (The polling in the race was too accurate.  Kasich was below 50% and it was a two point race.)

[UPDATE:] In case you are wondering, a reader of the site added this information as to the Ohio Governor’s who failed to win with a majority vote:

Election Winner Party Percent

  • 1978 James Rhodes Rep. 49.31%
  • 1974 James Rhodes Rep. 48.62%
  • 1916 James Cox Dem. 48.40%
  • 1914 Frank Willis Rep. 46.32%
  • 1912 James Cox Dem. 42.38%
  • 1908 Judson Harmon Dem. 49.20%
  • 1899 George Nash Rep. 45.94%
  • 1891 William McKinley Rep. 48.61%
  • 1889 James Campbell Dem. 48.91%
  • 1887 Joseph Foraker Rep. 47.73%
  • 1885 Joseph Foraker Rep. 48.95%
  • 1883 George Hoadly Dem. 49.87%
  • 1877 Richard Bishop Dem. 48.94%
  • 1873 William Allen Dem. 47.82%
  • 1857 Salmon Chase Rep. 48.67%
  • 1855 Salmon Chase Rep. 48.59%
  • 1850 Reuben Wood Dem. 49.67%
  • 1848 Seabury Ford Whig 49.93%
  • 1846 William Bebb Whig 48.28%
  • 1844 Mordecai Bartley Whig 48.74%
  • 1842 Wilson Shannon Dem. 49.32%
  • 1822 Jeremiah Morrow Dem-Rep 41.06%
  • 1808 Samuel Huntington Dem-Rep 44.77%

(So, it’s only happened once before in my lifetime, and I was as old as ModernEsquire, Jr. is now.   Neato.)

Today, our top post this morning so far is this post I wrote about education in September because people frantically googled Kasich and education to find out what he’s going to do.  Unfortunately, we don’t know beyond that he’ll scrap all-day kindergarten and Strickland’s evidence-based model.  Like his plan to scrap the 3-C, it will likely cost Ohio $400 million in Race to the Top federal funding.

John Kasich has no mandate because he failed to offer any plan beyond three things: CSI, JobsOhio, and worker retraining.  And even those failed to get him the support of a majority of Ohioans.  Kasich’s partisan nature is to overread last night’s results and exaggerate his victory to mean he was given a mandate.

He was elected Governor, but he cannot claim that a guy who won the closest election in most Ohioans adult lifetime and who failed to win a majority of the vote has a mandate for radical ideological changes he never talked about in detail before the election.

We now change our role as a voice of the loyal opposition.  Last night, John Kasich promised policies without regard of politics.  With Republican majorities in the state legislature, color us skeptical that such an ideologue firebrand like Kasich will deliver on that promise (Kasich delayed his own victory speech to give an interview to… Fox News.  No interview to Ohio media, even afterwards.)

We will hold John Kasich to what he promised:

  • Immediate job creation in the first year.
  • Phasing in the final income tax cuts in the 2005 tax reforms in his first budget;
  • “Responsible” budget cuts to pay for those tax that doesn’t punish those of us in Ohio who have born the brunt of this recession, or make our streets less safe;
  • The best university and public education system in the nation;
  • Policies that make our cities the strongest, safest, and best cities in the nation;
  • And that he’ll consult with Governor Strickland on major decisions as he promised in the first gubernatorial debate.
  • The end of “special interests” feeding at the trough of taxpayers.
  • He won’t support school district consolidation.
  • And so on.

We will call him out when he fails to deliver,  when his rhetoric doesn’t match his reality.

There will be another election.

After all, haven’t you always wondered why our logo is a fist?