“Get the lobbyists and the special interests snouts out of the trough.”

Governor-elect John Kasich during first gubernatorial debate and countless other times.

John Kasich just announced that this afternoon he’s hold his first press conference as Governor-elect… from the offices of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

It only took eight hours from being elected for Kasich to start breaking his promises.

That’s got to be a new world record!

  • Anonymous

    I guess he didn’t PROMISE to address his supporters from the podium before exclusive interview with Fox News, so we can give him a pass on that.

    also, local media peeps, we TOLD YOU he was an ass. get used to not having access.

  • Rgtwlly

    sore loser.

  • Adb67

    You do realize it the chamber of commerce that most often attracts and works with new business prospects right?

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing about being a sore loser in holding Kasich accountable to the standard he himself set.

  • Anonymous

    You do realize that it’s a special interest group, right? No, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce does not “most often attract” and work with new business prospects. That’s an ad line from them.

  • Thomasgreen9954

    How sad! You must me smoking something!

  • Anonymous


    Silly boy. “Special interests” = dirty filthy unions. Everyone knows that.


  • Cory Boyes

    No…the Ohio Chamber of Commerce is an organization that attracts business prospects – just like the local Chamber of Commerce. The NATIONAL Chamber of Commerce is the one affiliated with Karl Rove that was the angst of the left this election season because of the SCOTUS decision.

    Business interests are not special interest…they are pretty mainstream interests…

    I hope this doesn’t become a daily occurrence – counting Kasich promises broken. Just keep a tally and save it for 4 years so we can get rid of him then.

  • Anonymous

    The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is a special interest group. To say otherwise is just nonsense. Just absolutely insane to suggest otherwise.

    They’ve long been a major financial backer of Republican causes. They’re mainly responsible for the conservative, all GOP Ohio Supreme Court we have.

    We’re going to make a record. We’re not going to let him hide from it. And we’ll have a nice amount of documentation by the next election if he even runs again.

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