Just your standard 6:00 AM at Ohio State. #gotv

That’s the OSU College Democrats at 6 a.m. this morning still rockin’ the GOTV.

Over the past weekend, Ohio Democrats had 9,000 volunteer shifts that:

  • Made 2.1 million calls to voters
  • knocked on 500,000 doors
  • had 400,000 direct voter contacts

I’d give you the competing GOP numbers, but for some odd reason despite saying he was going to check out the Kasich GOTV he’s never written about it.  Odd.

And the only response from the Ohio GOP is that they can’t believe the Ohio Democratic Party’s numbers.

I wonder why that is….

We are poised from a major victory tonight (potentially the Apportionment Board which could dictate the control of Congress in 2012).  Vote.  And if you have voted, call your friends and family and make sure they voted.

Then again, they might be part of the 2.1 million phone calls we made this weekend.  But you’re our best advocate.

VOTE…… (and then join us tonight as we livestream from the ODP Election Night party.)