While all the campaign staff across the state FREAK OUT and hit refresh on Plunderbund all day, we thought you might like a laugh or two. We start with a tiptoe through the 1997 UK election.

As most know, the result in a parliamentary election in Britain is announced by the returning officer with all the candidates on a stage.  It can be quite a dress down, especially when you’re a Tory in 1997 about to be crushed by an independent candidate in the most watched constituency in the country, which is the result in the video below, from Tatton.

Such races in the UK always draw spoof candidacies, like the Monster Raving Loony Party, or some other jokers willing to cough up the filing fee just to get on that stage on election night.  What makes this result so awesome is that one of the spoof candidates was some dude dressed as a giant 7 foot tall transvestite birdcage named Miss Moneypenny. On stilts.  That is not a misprint.

In 1997 Miss Moneypenny stood in Tatton against Martin Bell and Neil Hamilton. In fact, ‘she’ was a transvestite named Burnel Penhaul.

You can see the giant transvestite birdcage towering over the rest, camp as a row of tents, and you often get a closeup of his outfit, which appears to be largely made of red leather.

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