Ahhh…..memory lane.  This one’s just for fun, for all you freaked out campaign staff refresh-bots.

The 2005 UK general election campaign was my last in Britain….alas.  Went out with a bang.  And some fun counter demonstrations, which in the UK are really quite frowned upon, for no good reason other than condescending British media losers. Here, someone thinks they’re revealing this BIG secret about how Labour Party members were protesting in costumes dressed as grim reapers, as if it was some conspiracy to…um…..dress up as grim reapers?

But I must say, it’s very flattering to have my counter demonstration crowd of grim reapers called “very organized, in fact, more organized than the Harrogate mob”, by a pompous, spiky haired UK journalist twat.  If you listen closely, you can hear me helping the reapers chant “boom & bust!!”

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