The Ohio Poll issued a press release saying that with undecideds forced to say where they’re leaning Kasich leads 52% to 47.7%.  And that’s all they’ll tell about their poll. Seriously.  Go read it yourself.

They don’t even tell you what the numbers would be before you add where the undecided are leaning.  We can’t tell how many Democrats, Republicans, Independents were polled to see if its a realistic sample of the likely general election vote.

We don’t even know how many, if any, respondents had already voted.  We are told nothing about the age, race, economic class, education, or even where in Ohio the respondents lived.  In other words, the University of Cincinnati is not making it easy for us to independent determine if its a realistic sample or not.

For that reason, I obviously can’t put much stock in it given the obvious past problems in October with the Ohio Poll’s likely voter model.

  • Kevin Kovach

    I may be mistaken, but I believe the final Ohio Poll has been within the MOE in every race it has surveyed since 1994. The MOE is 3.2%, which means a Strickland win of up to 1.9% still makes the poll correct. A win that big would also avoid an automatic recount. Even without the breakdown, this is not as bad as it may appear on the surface.

  • Jrmiller6020

    Ya, I was polled by them over the weekend. They did NOT ask me if I had voted yet. They wouldn’t share any info on their voter model either when I asked. Maybe they will release more info later today. Anyway, I’m off shortly to a local SEIU here in Columbus to do some phone calling for Ted. Keep hope alive…Jim

  • progressive dem

    The Ohio Poll, which also includes cell phones, of 930 likely Ohio voters was conducted from Wednesday through Sunday and has a sampling error margin of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points. Its sample had 48 percent Republicans, 45 percent Democrats and 7 percent independents.

    So says the Dispatch…

  • Anonymous

    Still not enough for me to evaluate. But nearly HALF GOP vote? No other poll has such a high GOP participation in their samples….

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