The Cuyahoga County Executive race, once expected to be a very high profile campaign, is almost a footnote to tomorrow night’s result.  I think it’s chief effect will be to bring out Republicans and independents who vote for Ken Lanci and Matt Dolan, and perhaps some disaffected Dems who end up voting for Lanci.  Those Lanci voters might also split their ticket and vote for Ted, though, so that’s good news.

I decided a long time ago to vote for Tim McCormack.  First, you have to give this guy a ton of credit for getting enough signatures, over 4,000, to be on the ballot as an independent.  He could have decided to run in the Democratic primary against Ed Fitzgerald and Terri Hamilton Brown, which would have required only 50 signatures.  But McCormack did it the hard way.  Maybe he thought he had no chance in the primary…I’m not sure why he chose the hard way, but I do respect the achievement.

Second, Tim McCormack is a Democrat in everything but his status on this ballot.  McCormack has a hard personality to deal with, and his chief flaw is this tendency to be somewhat messianic about his abilities.  But still, he’s a good Democrat.  And that’s enough for me.

Moreover, I have no idea what Ed Fitzgerald is, other than a power hungry careerist douchebag of the highest order, which I knew about Fitzgerald from the first day I met him back when we were both active in the Cuyahoga County Young Democrats in the 1990’s.  He makes my skin crawl just being in his presence.  Try being in his presence sometime, you’ll think the same thing, instantaneously.

Then, Fitzgerald very carefully charted a course to ooze up through the primordial slime that is the Bill Mason/Pat O’Malley wing of the Cuyahoga County Democratic machine.  That’s the pedestal on which he was able to get the county party endorsement in the primary.  That alone is reason to vote against him.

But of course, as we all know, he’s also Public Official #14 in the Dimora indictment.  I don’t actually care if he’s in any criminal trouble or not.  To run for this seat, at the same time knowing or should be knowing your voice is on an FBI wiretap agreeing to be a tool in a bribe that’s about to result in the arrest of the county party chairman, is beyond idiotic.  It’s beyond arrogant.  It says that Ed Fitzgerald cares only about himself, he has no regard for Democrats in this county who have to fight to win the seat, and it means that Fitzgerald, should he win, will be instantly embroiled in the same scandal that he claims he can clean up.  If Fitzgerald wins, I doubt he can govern, let alone govern as a real Democrat supporting Democratic values.

So I’m voting for McCormack.  If you live in Cuyahoga County, so should you.