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The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that half-term, half-baked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will NOT like appear at a Tea Party Express rally this weekend as initially announced.

Palin’s PAC, SarahPAC, has given $10,000 to John Kasich’s campaign, who is now in a tight race.

The Tea Party Express gave no reason why the sudden change.  A week ago, published reports were that Palin was coming to the rally.  The group is still dangling that prospect (to keep people from not showing), but it looks like its unlikely:

"Most likely not," say the organizers of the event. […]

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According to this chart, in 2008, 38.5% of the turnout in Cuyahoga County was early vote.  Assuming a similar number of votes turning out in this midterm as 2008, and we’re at 31.1% and still growing.  It’s entirely possible we’ll see as much of an early vote turnout in Cuyahoga County this year than we did in 2008.  Remarkable.

Also, the ratio has become decidedly bluer.  The ratio is now at roughly 2.5 Democrats requesting an early vote for every Republican.  It appears, as I stated, that Democratic early voters just may be slower in turning in the ballots before […]

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Ken Hanson is legal counsel for the Buckeye Firearms Association, which has endorsed Governor Strickland.  He’s also the Chair of its Legislative Committee.  He filed an amicus brief in the groundbreaking Heller and McDonald U.S. Supreme Court cases.  In other words, he’s not just some average joe member (although I admit in talking to him in the past, he is a real down to earth kind of guy.)

Well, apparently he has had enough of John Kasich trying to pull a fast one on the gun issue, and he let Kasich have it on the BFA website.

He […]

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Apparently, John Kasich was finally shamed in doing media interviews again (which would seem to disprove the defense the Dispatch bought that the campaign didn’t have time to take questions on the same bus tour that Portman could make time for media questions.)

In this blog post on CNN, Kasich tries to put his best face forward finally:

Kasich said he always knew the race would be close given Ohio’s bellwether status, but he nevertheless pointed to Quinnipiac poll this week showing him with a 6-point advantage over Strickland. (Earlier Quinnipiac surveys showed him with larger leads).

"We […]

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Well, that was quick (and horrible news for the Kasich campaign.)

The Ohio Elections Commission this morning ruled that State Rep. Danny Bubp’s election complaint alleging that the Strickland’s campaign mention of Kasich’s “F” rating by the NRA on gun issues was so weak, it didn’t even survive the “probable cause” stage of its proceedings.

This morning, the Ohio Elections Commission voted to find no probable cause that the Strickland’s campaign statement about Kasich’s gun record contained a knowingly false statement.

Not exactly the kind of news the Kasich campaign was hoping to generate when it got one of […]

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As the hysterical cries rise up, like paranoid cry babies whining before they even get their hands on the candy that a phantom of their imagination takes away from them, it reminds me of a story from the 2004 election campaign, which I blogged about in 2008.

This effort collapsed on election day, largely because the GOP had a hard time deploying an organization of people with the onions to stand between a black man and his vote in Democratic precincts.  I ran into so few of them on election day in 2004, seeing just one GOP challenger was […]

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If any of us really thought Lee Fisher would just go quietly into that good night after pulling a TaftQuack level catastrophic statewide loss, here’s your answer. I’m not sure what’s more pitiful, Lee’s campaign now, or the next one he’s trying to buy instead, four years from now.

We’ll have plenty more on this next week.  Plenty.

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I’ll say the obvious:  Stivers’ attack ad clearly backfired and Kilroy is doing what she can at this stage of the game to capitalize on it.

Curious to see how this plays out next week.

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Here’s today’s Columbus Dispatch’s editorial on Governor Strickland’s school reforms:

“Not that scrapping Strickland’s plan is, by itself, bad for Ohio schools.

“The governor touts it as a bold, new way of delivering education, but it really is, mainly, a list of jobs to be filled. It mandates that each clump of so many students must have X number of teachers, counselors, aides, nurses and the like, with little opportunity for different school districts to use resources in ways that meet their particular needs.”

“It’s a one-size-fits-all approach, well-designed for pleasing the education unions that are a large […]

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So far, not seeing anything indicating that this is actually going to air on television.  If not, this has a “Taft Quack” quality to it.

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If you have any doubt as to the disarray in the Kasich campaign, just consider these two video clips.

Here’s the message the Kasich campaign planned on ending the week with:

This was the message: positive, upbeat, talking about a “New Day, a New Way.”  Then that same day we get this instead:

Eight minutes of dripping partisan bile, with one reckless laughably ridiculous and baseless allegation after another.  National and state news stories about Kasich speaking to under booked venues with flashes of anger and overly charged partisan rancor.

What happened? Well, one thing we know that happened is […]

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