What’s a campaign staff look like after they lose a presumed 17 point lead and end up in a dead heat the weekend before the election?  Maybe we should ask Kasich campaign director Beth Hansen.

Word on the street is that the boys club that makes up the John Kasich inner circle is now very much on the hunt for a scapegoat, and Hansen is in the running.  Hansen is the only woman at the top of the campaign staff.  Far worse for Hansen, though, is her George Voinovich pedigree.  Hansen has been Voinovich’s top staffer in Ohio for a long time.  In a sane world, made up of reasonable non-teabagging professionals who don’t hit refresh on Matt Naugle or Jon Keeling like internet addicts, working for a non-stop winner like Voinovich would be an unmitigated positive.

Not in KasichLand.  In the lily white male circle of right wing sycophants that populate Kasich’s inner circle, George Voinovich is a traitor.  That’s a time bomb Hansen has been sitting on this entire campaign.  Now that Kasich appears on the verge of a spectacular collapse, it’s ticking a whole lot louder.

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    Seems to me that Ms. Hansen did a heck of a job on Kasich’s campaign. She has succeeded in taking a flawed candidate with no new ideas, some very bad ideas, and some proven disasterous ideas, and made a race out it. There comes a time when the candidate himself is on his own. It was those times, such as his attiude during the two debates and his off the cuff statements to a CAMERA that he thinks secret bonuses are “just great”, that Kasich majorly failed to hide his true agenda. I have never been a fan of Voinovich, and the people that he surrounded himself with while Governor of Ohio were downright arrogant and at times criminal (remember his Chief of Staff and Director Dave Randall at Insurance that went to jail, anyone?). But Voinovich had a vision that resonated, like it or not. Ms. Hanson cannot be blamed for her candidate’s propensity to shovel his Newt Gingrich days arrogant persona. Nor can she be blamed for his complete lack of public service in our state since he left Washington DC to come home to his cushy corporate digs and a job that he had no qualifications for except for his contacts that benefitted Lehman Bros. Not to mention the lucrative OSU contract for him and his nonperforming best buddy. If Kasich has better qualifications and bold ideas to be our next Governor, he has not articulated them, to my knowledge. Four years ago, a Republican lobbyist friend of mine told me that Strickland winning in 2006 was just as well because every legislator knew that the Republican-passed new CAT (commercial activity tax) was going to devastate tax receipts for state government, and it was better for them if a Democrat was at the helm of a sinking ship. They predicted that Strickland would have no choice but to raise taxes. What I do not believe that he and his Republican friends prognosticated was Strickland’s austerity and steady hand at the helm that has guided this state through an unexpected and unprecedented financial system collapse without raising taxes. And who was on the crew of the ship that sailed toward the financial collapse? Kasich, of course- and that, Beth Hanson cannot spin. I hope the voters in Ohio do the right thing for Ohio. And I believe the right thing is to keep Ted Strickland at the helm.

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