What’s a campaign staff look like after they lose a presumed 17 point lead and end up in a dead heat the weekend before the election?  Maybe we should ask Kasich campaign director Beth Hansen.

Word on the street is that the boys club that makes up the John Kasich inner circle is now very much on the hunt for a scapegoat, and Hansen is in the running.  Hansen is the only woman at the top of the campaign staff.  Far worse for Hansen, though, is her George Voinovich pedigree.  Hansen has been Voinovich’s top staffer in Ohio for a long time.  In a sane world, made up of reasonable non-teabagging professionals who don’t hit refresh on Matt Naugle or Jon Keeling like internet addicts, working for a non-stop winner like Voinovich would be an unmitigated positive.

Not in KasichLand.  In the lily white male circle of right wing sycophants that populate Kasich’s inner circle, George Voinovich is a traitor.  That’s a time bomb Hansen has been sitting on this entire campaign.  Now that Kasich appears on the verge of a spectacular collapse, it’s ticking a whole lot louder.

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