The Ohio Democratic Party is getting close to their goal of getting 60,000 volunteer hours signed up for GOTV this weekend.

Sign up here!

I’m spending all of Saturday morning doing a literature drop, and then Saturday afternoon/evening doing GOTV phone calls.  I’m doing this in Butler County—John Boehner’s home county where he faces the strongest challenge he’s ever faced with Justin Coussoule.  I’m working it in a county that ordinarily goes twenty points for the GOP and was one of Ken Blackwell’s best counties of the handful he carried.

So, what’s your excuse?

All the early vote posts, the polling analysis, and it’s all reached this one simple nexus, this one simple formulation that tells you best what’s going to happen on Tuesday:

If we vote, we win/they lose.

It’s really that easy.  We’re poised to pull the curtain down on the so-called enthusiasm gap.  They can’t say the same thing.  If you care about public education, we have to re-elect Governor Strickland.  If we care about making further strides in health care, we have to re-elect our Democratic Congressional Representatives.  If you thought GOP obstruction was bad when they were in the minority, imagine Boehner with subpoena power, bogging down the Obama Administration with one politically pointless hearing after another.  That’s why Bill Clinton has been working Ohio hard.  He knows the stakes.

Speaker Boehner.  Governor Kasich.  Secretary of State Husted.  Auditor Yost.  Attorney General Mike DeWine.  Treasurer Mandel.  Congressman Ganley.

All these things, and worse, can happen unless you volunteer to get out our vote on Tuesday.  We can stop it from happening here in Ohio.  And if you haven’t voted yet, you better vote by Tuesday!

Let’s finish this.