Back when I was in college I spent many late nights drinking coffee and cramming for exams at Buckeye Donuts on High Street in Columbus. It’s one of the few campus-area businesses that has stood the test of time. And, regardless of the owner’s political leanings, I’m still very glad to see they are thriving when so many other businesses have failed.

That said, I am happy to report that the owner of Buckeye Donuts has finally made up his mind about who he is supporting for Governor this year and… (sorry to spoil the ending of this story) it isn’t John Kasich.

In case you haven’t been following this very hot topic let me take you back to August when it was still warm and John Kasich was still doing well in the polls. Back then the Republican candidate for Governor had finally started getting engaged in the campaign. His first salvo was to whine and complain that Ohio’s business regulations were too complicated.

Strickland quickly responded by saying “he’s the first governor who has tackled comprehensive regulatory reform, eliminating and amending more than 2,000 rules and regulations for businesses.”

John Kasich claimed to be skeptical. He said we needed to talk to “the donut shop guy.”

Enter Jim Heath from ONN.

Heath pounced on the story!

Quickly buttoning his top button and straightening his shiny tie, Heath ran over to Buckeye Donuts and immediately interviewed the owner.

At the time, Buckeye Donuts owner Jimmy Barousis said he hadn’t “made up his mind in the Governors’ race” but was very interested to hear “the candidates talk about business regulations.”

Two months pass.

Jim Heath goes back to visit “the donut shop guy” and reports that “Jimmy Barousis remains undecided in which candidate to vote for governor.”

That was yesterday.

Today Governor Strickland took some time out of his busy campaign schedule to visit Mr. Barousi. According to Lis Smith’s twitter feed the Governor and his staff “got plain, chocolate custard, devils food, and pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice was Ted’s fave.”

They also got the vote of “the donut shop guy.”