I don’t normally post press releases in full, but this one seems like a good candidate.

Memorandum Re: OH Gov Race

To:          Interested Parties
Fr:           Aaron Pickrell, Strickland for Governor
RE:          State of the Race
Date:      October 29, 2010

Heading into the final weekend of the Ohio gubernatorial campaign, Ted Strickland is STRONGLY positioned to be re-elected.  Our internal polling has held steady for the last few weeks and at the end of this week, Ted holds a 4 point lead (46-42) over Congressman Kasich in a 2-way race and a 5 point lead (43-38) over Congressman Kasich in a 4-way race.

We attribute this lead to a few factors:

An increasing recognition that Ted’s investment in new industries and education are beginning to work for Ohio and a rising distrust of Congressman Kasich resulting in his unfavorable ratings now matching his favorable ratings.

A  reenergized Democratic electorate that is rejecting going back to Wall Street values.

A large and robust coordinated campaign, spearheaded by the Ohio Democratic Party.
Additionally, with our superior GOTV operation and early vote efforts, we are going into Election Day in a very strong position:

Democrats continue to vote early in larger numbers than Republicans.
More Democrats than Republicans have requested ballots. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/25/10]
More Democrats than Republicans have returned ballots. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/25/10]
More Democrats than Republicans have voted early in person.
By our tabulations, five times more infrequent voting Democrats – whose turnout is key to our victory – have voted early than have infrequent voting Republicans.

By an 11-point margin, more Democrats than Republicans are voting early.

To date, slightly over 900,000 Ohio voters have requested mail in ballots. Democrats lead in these requests 41 to 30 percent.
So far, of the ballots cast either in person or by mail, Democrats lead 44 to 33 percent.
Republicans concede that they are behind in Early Vote returns. [Wall Street Journal, 10/21/10]
We continue to add capacity to our superior ground game that will carry us to victory next Tuesday.

The Ohio Democratic Coordinated Campaign has been called the strongest in the country. [Chuck Todd, MSNBC, 10/22/10; E.J. Dionne, Washington Post, 10/21/10]
Our Republican opponents admit they lack the resources to match our organizational strength. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/20/10]
With 300 staff and tens of thousands of volunteers, we have assembled the most robust Get Out the Vote operation in Ohio mid-term election history.

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