What does Buckeye State Blog, LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Plain Dealer, David Pepper, Kevin Boyce, President Obama, Arianne Huffington, Jim Heath at ONN, and Dennis Kucinich all have in common?

They all received a tweet directed to them this morning promoting Lee Fisher’s “Taft Quack”-inducing web ad from Peggy Zone Fisher.  And in some cases, she’s sent it to them multiple times because she’s obviously not keeping track of who she sending to (as of yet, she has not sent it to us, but that’s probably because we were the most vocal blog to support Brunner and opposed Lee.)

Someone should tell her though, that the link she’s including to her Tweet-a-Thon doesn’t go to the video, but this site instead.

We’ve never taking requests, but here’s our special dedication from Peggy Zone Fisher to her husband Lee in Shaker Heights: