After two more women (this time customers) have come forward to suggest that Ganley engaged in inappropriate comments and touching, Ganley’s congressional campaign website issued the most bizarre statement I’ve ever seen:

I’m Tom Ganley, Candidate for Congress, and I’m fed up.

Tom Ganley

The lies, slander, and false accusations have taken “politics as usual” to a whole new low.  This campaign shows why it’s so difficult to attract qualified people to run for public office.  This is why we get stuck with career politicians who will stop at nothing to maintain their death grip on power. 

And I simply won’t stand for it.

I have reason to believe the vile lies against me have been carefully orchestrated by Betty Sutton, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  I will be meeting with my attorneys this weekend to see if legal action can be filed for the Democrats’ efforts to derail my campaign and ruin my reputation.

I’m going to keep fighting towards victory on Tuesday and will not stand for any effort to smear my family, my name, my businesses and my reputation.


Ganley’s suggesting, with no proof, that two women who have come forward to allege that he’s made unwelcomed sexual advances to him are all plants in a massive conspiracy by the DCCC, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Sutton campaign to slander him, including the Tea Party activist who must have forged that letter dated a year ago making her allegations.  And better yet, he’s meeting with his lawyers (on a weekend, higher hourly rate) to see if he can file a suit (on the day before the election) about it.

Tom Ganley has lost his freaking mind.  Here’s a guy who claims his campaign hasn’t been derailed, and yet, he himself pulled the plug on its funding already.  It’s schizophrenic.   He cuts back on his advertising, but then uses his wife’s own endorsement to decry the “lies” about her husband.

Meanwhile, one of the attorneys Ganley won’t be talking to this weekend is the one that represented his business for years, but is now suing for wrongfully terminating him after an arbitrator suggested Ganley might have committed perjury.