We’re entering Rob Burch futility here.  It’s worth transcribing, with asides in parentheses, to show just how polar opposite this ad is to Lee’s entire rationale for being our nominee for US Senate instead of Jennifer Brunner.

I’m Lee Fisher.  Pay very close attention to this ad, cuz you’re not gonna see it too many times. (This is your first ad in the entire general election, Lee.  I’m paying real close attention.)

My campaign just doesn’t have millions of dollars to run lots of ads (Why not?  You said you would.  It was your entire primary campaign.), no scary black and white pictures and creepy music here.

The bottom line is I’m an Ohio guy, and Portman’s Mr. Washington (Tell that to the DSCC and Emily’s List.)

I’ll fight for tax breaks for Ohio’s small businesses (This is your message?), and Portman’s for tax breaks for the big companies that send our jobs overseas.

I’m Lee Fisher.  I approve this message, and yes we barely paid for it. (Why don’t you ask Bob Menendez for a donation?) But I’m sure proud that Wall Street and the Washington lobbyists didn’t.

(They stopped funding you in May, apparently.)

Anthony’s take.

I’m not sure if I should scream or cry.