Josh Mandel’s protestations about how oh so sorry he is for his racist bigoted attack claiming Kevin Boyce is some kind of terrorist are just plain bullshit.  It’s an ongoing campaign.  Hasn’t stopped, it’s only gone further into the gutter.  There’s nothing deeper in the gutter than Matt Naugle, who today links to a Townhall diatribe which has to have come from Mandel’s campaign, using long time Mandel sycophant Joel Mowbray, parroting the same crap, except this time they quote an anonymous Boyce staffer.

Although Boyce’s name is the one voters will see next Tuesday, Ahmad will continue to be the one effectively running the office if the Democrat wins. Several former Ohio Treasury officials who spoke with this journalist on the condition of anonymity say that Boyce has given Ahmad “free reign” to run the office as he sees fit.

We’ve established to our satisfaction that there is only one “former Ohio Treasury official” peddling this story, not several, and that staffer is Cliff Schecter, who got fired from Boyce’s office for literally sleeping on the job.  Sleeping.  This after getting paid to help kill health care reform by Jane Hamsher in 2009, and after getting fired from Marilyn Brown’s short lived campaign for secretary of state.

This is going to be a real problem in Ohio in 2012, namely, Jane Hamsher/Cliff Schecter types switching sides when their egos demand it.  In Ohio, we are very good at keeping track of it.  You’d think Cliff would have learned that by now.

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