Ken Hanson is legal counsel for the Buckeye Firearms Association, which has endorsed Governor Strickland.  He’s also the Chair of its Legislative Committee.  He filed an amicus brief in the groundbreaking Heller and McDonald U.S. Supreme Court cases.  In other words, he’s not just some average joe member (although I admit in talking to him in the past, he is a real down to earth kind of guy.)

Well, apparently he has had enough of John Kasich trying to pull a fast one on the gun issue, and he let Kasich have it on the BFA website.

He is not being dinged for a single vote, or a few votes. Rather, Kasich has earned the ire of every state-based firearm group based upon many of his official, anti-gun votes, and Ted Strickland has earned the endorsement of EVERY state-based firearm group and the NRA based upon his vibrant history of pro-gun voting.

The Second Amendment was not even on the Kasich-Taylor campaign’s radar screen back in August, when Kasich was ahead in the polls by double digits. Nope, guns don’t matter, only jobs.

Fast forward to late October, when the race is a statistical dead heat, and all of a sudden Kasich is finding religion like a nervous whore in church on Sunday. Exhibit A is a recent mailer targeted at gun owners.

(Incidentally, does this guy not write like a conservative version of Tim or is just me?)

Here’s a picture from Kasich’s mailer:

Frankly, I object to the image of the government “hunting” its own citizens as over-the-top, reckless political fear mongering.  However, Mr. Hanson has a different objection to this picture:

“Note the picture on page 2 of the mailer. A hunter in blaze orange in the middle of a field with a medium bore, scoped rifle.

“Tell us, Sportsman Kasich, what is this sportsman hunting in Ohio, since rifle hunting of that sort is not legal here?”

When you’re already under attack for unpopular votes, the worst thing you can do is to try to win gun voters by being a poser.  They know the genuine thing, and this kind of reckless mistake by the Kasich campaign shows that they just don’t simply understanding outdoorsmen’s issues at even the most basic level.  (This was already revealed in some telling comments that Kasich made in an interview about ODNR that had to be corrected by the columnist a while ago.)

John Kasich can ask his wife to wear Doe-In-Heat urine at the next outdoorsman event, but these folks know a pretender when they see one.  And John Kasich’s doing everything that upset them about Bob Taft.

To be clear, this is a real serious problem for the Kasich campaign in trying to hit the rural vote at levels it needs to.  If it wasn’t a problem, they wouldn’t have filed the Ohio Elections Commission Complaint (but apparently not late enough to avoid it being promptly dismissed), and the Ohio GOP wouldn’t be doing radio ads in rural Ohio trying to convince gun rights voters that they can trust John Kasich, a man who when he ran for President said he’d supporting banning gun ownership to people under 21.

Watching the chatter in the various gun forums, the charm offensive is not working.  While a sizeable number of their members have decided to be Republicans first, Second Amendment voters second, more are leaning towards Strickland, staying home entirely, or throwing a protest vote to the Libertarian candidate for Governor.  Any of those choice hurts Kasich badly when he needs every vote he can get.

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