Apparently, John Kasich was finally shamed in doing media interviews again (which would seem to disprove the defense the Dispatch bought that the campaign didn’t have time to take questions on the same bus tour that Portman could make time for media questions.)

In this blog post on CNN, Kasich tries to put his best face forward finally:

Kasich said he always knew the race would be close given Ohio’s bellwether status, but he nevertheless pointed to Quinnipiac poll this week showing him with a 6-point advantage over Strickland. (Earlier Quinnipiac surveys showed him with larger leads).

"We have got the wind at our back," Kasich maintained.

Quinnipiac has been, and still is, an outlier ever since they went to a likely voter model.

But even worse for Kasich, even Quinnipiac’s director disagrees with Kasich’s assessment:

“Gov. Ted Strickland, on the other hand, has made the race for governor competitive. He still trails by six points, and certainly has his work cut out for him. But Strickland has had the momentum in the last month.”

The fact that Kasich and his supporters are reduced to touting outlier polls that even the people who conduct them say it shows Strickland with strong momentum going into next week is a telling commentary on just how bad it’s gotten for John Kasich this month.

Has he had one really noteworthy piece of good news this week?  I can’t think of any.