The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that half-term, half-baked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will NOT like appear at a Tea Party Express rally this weekend as initially announced.

Palin’s PAC, SarahPAC, has given $10,000 to John Kasich’s campaign, who is now in a tight race.

The Tea Party Express gave no reason why the sudden change.  A week ago, published reports were that Palin was coming to the rally.  The group is still dangling that prospect (to keep people from not showing), but it looks like its unlikely:

"Most likely not," say the organizers of the event. They have also pointed out that the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee sometimes appears with little notice.

You have to wonder if Palin was encouraged to avoid campaigning in Ohio given the tightness of the Governor’s race and how unpopular Palin is in Ohio, particularly with the kind of voters Kasich is trying to hold onto/persuade if he’s to hold off a surging Strickland.

I wouldn’t be surprised if RGA Chair Haley Barbour interceded on Kasich’s behalf and told Palin to find somewhere else to be besides Ohio right before this election.  While Palin did energize conservatives in Ohio, she turned moderates and independents away from the McCain campaign, helping to cost them the battleground State of Ohio.

Kasich Palin

Was Palin pushed not to come for fear a headline with her speaking on behalf of Kasich could cost him the election?  We may never find out.

But we know this.  Sarah Palin, who is proven to be an effective GOTV tool for both conservatives and Democrats will suddenly not campaign in Ohio—a major Presidential battleground state in a major fight for the Governorship in which reapportionment is at stake.

John Kasich will take Sarah Palin’s money, but won’t otherwise be seen with her.  And a guy who began his campaign saying he was the “Tea Party” before the “Tea Party was cool,” is also not scheduled to be at a major Tea Party rally designed to GOTV. (Unlike in 2009, Kasich snubbed the Tea Party during their statewide rally in April, as well.)

Utter chaos.