Well, that was quick (and horrible news for the Kasich campaign.)

The Ohio Elections Commission this morning ruled that State Rep. Danny Bubp’s election complaint alleging that the Strickland’s campaign mention of Kasich’s “F” rating by the NRA on gun issues was so weak, it didn’t even survive the “probable cause” stage of its proceedings.

This morning, the Ohio Elections Commission voted to find no probable cause that the Strickland’s campaign statement about Kasich’s gun record contained a knowingly false statement.

Not exactly the kind of news the Kasich campaign was hoping to generate when it got one of its political allies to file the complaint this week.

On behalf of gun right supporters everywhere: “Hey, John Kasich, F=you.”

epic fail photos - Irony FAIL

[UPDATE:]  The Columbus Dispatch runs the story with the headline “Strickland campaign told truth …”

The vote was bipartisan with one of the Commission’s Republican members finding no probable cause to investigate further.  However, the Commission did find probable cause to investigate a complaint filed against Josh Mandel regarding statements he made about State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern just issued this statement:

"We’re happy that Congressman Kasich used this Ohio Elections Commission complaint as an opportunity to remind Ohio sportsmen about his anti-Second Amendment record. His record doesn’t lie, and neither have we. The fact is that John Kasich got an ‘F’ rating from the NRA, while Ted Strickland has always had an A rating or higher. For Ohio gun owners, there is only one choice for Governor, and it’s Ted Strickland."

This story is horrible news for the Kasich campaign, who clearly didn’t anticipate even the possibility of it being dismissed so early and was hoping the mere existence of the complaint would help him with problems he’s clearly having in getting rural voters to vote.

Thanks, State Representative Danny Bubp!  We couldn’t have done it without you!