A pattern has emerged with Sarah Palin.  She plucks obscure lunatics out of nowhere, endorses them, they proceed to horrify the electorate.  Christine O’Donnell in Delaware is the most obvious example.  Sarah Palin likely cost Republicans the US Senate with that one endorsement alone.  Palin plucked Joe Miller out of the lunatic fringe in Alaska, and now, he’s horrifying Alaskans to the point that  Democrat Scott McAdams may actually win that seat, too.

Little known fact – Palin has given $10,000 to John Kasich’s campaign.

Why haven’t we heard about this?  Maybe it’s because most sentient beings (i.e. people who aren’t teabaggers) realize that Palin probably cost John McCain a big chunk of Ohio independents in 2008.  Now that things are winding down in Ohio, Palin is going to be at a Tea Party rally in Columus on October 30.

Wonder if John Kasich will even show up.

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