If any of us really thought Lee Fisher would just go quietly into that good night after pulling a TaftQuack level catastrophic statewide loss, here’s your answer. I’m not sure what’s more pitiful, Lee’s campaign now, or the next one he’s trying to buy instead, four years from now.

We’ll have plenty more on this next week.  Plenty.

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  • Run for Governor in 4 years? ROFL. That’s a good one!

  • Anastasjoy

    No, if Lee loses this race, he’s done in politics. He may have been unpopular before (something I didn’t realize because I wasn’t politically active during his last run) but he’s made a lot more enemies now. It was a very bad idea to smear Jennifer in the final month of the primary and bad judgment to never mend bridges with her supporters and ask them to be part of your campaign. And if the governor or any of the statewide ticket loses by a point or two, he’ll be even more despised because that margin would be easily attributable to his being on the ticket. It’s pretty clear the increased enthusiasm and participation of grassroots activists if Jennifer had been the candidate would have been good for a couple of points for the whole slate. He’ll go back to making a handsome salary at some nonprofit.

  • Anonymous


    I’ve got to totally disagree on this one. Fisher is finished, and he knows it. After losing in 1994, 1998, and likely in 2010, he knows his statewide political career is over. The thumping he’s about to take ends it for him. He knows you can’t make a comeback and expect people to support you after a thumping like this.

    Can’t we just ONCE give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt? Maybe he’s paying off GOTV coordinated expenses, or something. But regardless, with Portman emptying out his warchest to help out the rest of the GOP ticket, we should applaud Lee for doing the same. It probably wasn’t an easy choice to make.

    Everyone knows that no matter what happens in November, Cordray is likely going to run for Governor in 2014. Fisher’s performance this year will find no willing takers to back him in opposing Cordray.

  • ^this

  • Kucinich012

    If he runs for Governor in 2014 I will support him. He is a great man and a great leader, Ohio needs him!

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