As the hysterical cries rise up, like paranoid cry babies whining before they even get their hands on the candy that a phantom of their imagination takes away from them, it reminds me of a story from the 2004 election campaign, which I blogged about in 2008.

This effort collapsed on election day, largely because the GOP had a hard time deploying an organization of people with the onions to stand between a black man and his vote in Democratic precincts.  I ran into so few of them on election day in 2004, seeing just one GOP challenger was news, and even those eventually gave up, because not a single person in a black precinct in Cleveland wanted them there.  That’s a little hard for a squiddly little douchebag goober from Bay Village to endure.  And if they couldn’t do it in 2004, they sure as hell can’t mount even that level of organization in 2008.

It’s a smokescreen, like every other piece of fiction Republicans spin from thin air every time they open their mouths.  It didn’t work in 2008, and it will work less in 2010.  The targets of the smokescreen are minority voters, who are now used to hearing these ridiculous claims aimed directly at them.  Ask yourself – do the teabaggers that you know have the nuts to stand on their own in a minority neighborhood doing ANYTHING, let alone challenge minority voters on their way to vote? Have they ever BEEN to a minority neighborhood?

Of course, Republicans are laying the land for wild claims in tight races that might go to recounts, but there’s a way to defeat that.  Just vote.

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