Philip Mulivor from Ohio CCW put a post up this afternoon titled: Everything I need to know about John Kasich I learned at the dentist.

In it he details how the Kasich campaign snubbed the gun rights group, which has endorsed Ted Strickland in its 2010 Voter Guide.

According to Mulivor, he offered the campaign an interview for the OhioCCW blog “while promising I wouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes of his time. I also made sure he knew I’m a “credentialed” journalist.”

The Kasich campaign declined.

Here’s Mulivor’s response:

As a conservative Republican, it hurts me to ditch my party’s candidate for governor, but here I have no choice. For reasons I’ve set out in other blog posts, I believe that, despite our current economic and social chaos, the Second Amendment is the single most important issue today, and remains the guarantor of future freedom, justice, and peace.

Ted Strickland has told us specifically what he’ll do for 2A, and his promises have the weight of previous promises fulfilled. John Kasich hasn’t told us too much at all, and his gun-rights record is mixed. Check out the video, here.

I’m going with Strickland.