Boy, the Columbus Dispatch is a fine paper to use… if you own a parakeet.

The Dispatch ruined my image of Kasich sulking on the bus waiting for Rob Portman to stop answering reporters’ questions so they could make their next “gig.”

The navy blue luxury bus holding the rest of the GOP candidates left Everal Barn without the ticket’s driver – Kasich. In an uncommon occurrence, Kasich was asked by his state patrol protection detail to ride separately in the campaign’s SUV, even though there was no specific threat against him, according to patrol spokesman Gary Lewis.

"The decision was made by our security people to mix up the routine," Lewis said, noting that the route of the 11-city tour had been well-publicized. Attorney general candidate Mike DeWine also did not get on the bus at the barn, although U.S. Senate nominee Rob Portman, a former Bush administration top official, did.


Nothing like a bus tour to show how united the Ohio GOP is… when one of the candidates refuses to ride the bus.

Then the Dispatch defends Kasich’s refusal to take reporters’ questions:

Milburn also notified The Dispatch that Kasich would not be available for reporters’ questions after events because the bus tour is scheduled so tightly. He promised that the campaign’s staff would endeavor to get answers to questions.

And yet, the Dispatch fails to note that Rob Portman who was on the exact same schedule as Kasich had no problem fitting in reporters’ questions.

Even as the Dispatch tries to kill a story for Kasich, they leave one on their own bias lurking in the shadows.  That’s why they get the FAIL tag:

Circle of Life Win and Fail

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