John Kasich went WAY off message yesterday in a tirade that not once mentioned jobs.  Not once.  What’s going on?

Maybe we should ask Jai Chabria.  You may recall that Chabria was one of the two unfortunates in Kasich’s famed “two man” Lehman Brothers Columbus office.  Since the Lehman collapse, Chabria’s role in the Kasich campaign has been kitchen cabinet – think Vernon Jordan to Bill Clinton.  He’s always around, has the candidate’s ear, and expects a big role in a Kasich administration.

Chabria is a Kasich sycophant of the highest order.  Here’s a video from Chabria’s own Youtube channel of Kasich tossing a coin at a tennis match, because nothing says I’M NOT AN ELITIST like tossing a coin at a tennis match.

Chabria chafes at the criticism of “Wall Street” values at the center of the Strickland campaign.  Here’s what Chabria said about the topic well before Kasich announced.

Kasich would not comment directly for this story because he is not yet an announced candidate for governor. However, his longtime aide, Jai Chabria, said in an e-mail response to questions that Kasich is proud of a private-sector career that has focused on promoting economic growth and creating jobs.

When you live in a world of Lehman Brothers denial, I suppose it must seem like the nastiest thing in the world for someone to criticize you for helping take down the entire economic system of the planet.  I’d bet Kasich has been on a low simmer about this the entire campaign.  Well, now it’s showing.  Yesterday, Kasich, who spent two years crawling up Monica Lewinsky’s underpants looking for DNA, whined that this is the dirtiest campaign he’s ever seen.  Chabria has probably been echoing that sentiment in Kasich’s ear every single day for two years.

Now that message discipline is collapsing just like Lehman, along with Kasich’s polling, we’re hearing that inside the Kasich staff, the blame game is beginning.  Brooke Bodney, who you’ll recall was the filthy stinking rich fundraiser for John McCain back in 2008 (with at least 3 houses in 3 different states) and who is now the filthy stinking rich fundraiser for John Kasich, pulling down something like $60,000 a month, is none too pleased with the current situation. Why should she work oh so hard to bring in all that cash if message discipline goes out the window in the last two weeks?

Nothing like watching filthy stinking rich Republicans go at each other’s throats.  Pass the popcorn.

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