A weird little hiccup today in the ol’ Plundertubes….this post somehow got disappeared!  So we’re reposting it FROM MEMORY MY GOD HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?!?!

Word is John Kasich’s staff has been told they won’t be paid this month.  Which must be going over well, since chief Kasich fundraiser Brooke Bodney pulled down almost $60,000 the last reporting period, and is approaching a cool million for the year.

We have been unable to confirm whether Brooke Bodney was last seen shopping for a NOT ELITIST string of new pearls in the fashion of the new autumn style, buying a 4th kitchen for her 4th home, and taking proposals from publicists to make sure we all know about it. There is another rumor that Kasich staff are camped out on Bodney’s north lawn rattling tin cups, but we are unable to confirm.


UPDATE SINCE FIRST POST DISAPPEARED – Beth Hansen and Scott Milburn don’t give a damn about not getting paid, they’ll still go at each other’s throats WITH ABANDON. For America.

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