Almost as soon as I put up a post laughing that Keeling had been strangely silent on this weekend’s Ohio Poll, Keeling puts up a rushed post that reads like it’s coming from an over-the-hill porn starlet who just can’t even manage to fake it anymore.

Yea, Kasich’s ahead a meaningless two points, and is under 50% a week before the election.

Yea, a poll that says it’s sampling of Independents is so small it has a disclaimer saying that it’s numbers may not be an accurate reflection, but I’m going to talk about a trend line there anyways.

Yea, Strickland’s just under 45% in the RCP’s average, even thought that’s solely because the average still includes a Quinnipiac and Fox News poll nobody believes is a true reflection of the race.  Never mind that RCP, just moved the race from Leaning R to Tossup based on this weekend’s Ohio Poll.  Nevermind that the most recent polling puts Strickland at 47% and 48%.

Never mind that voters find Strickland more trustworthy, empathetic, and more willing to make the difficult and politically unpopular choices that need to be made.

Yea, us.

It’s kind of sad to watch…  (not really.)