Franklin County Commissioner candidate Julie Hubler (R), I think, just surpassed Tom Ganley’s “Owl” ad.

What do you think?

  • mvirenicus

    owl. no contest.

  • Annekarimi

    Um, Modern, I have seen Julie in action. The ad has it.

  • Owl is still better.

  • We should start the Great Horned Owl Party.

  • Shalom Y’all,

    Owl still rules.

    The other is just too cartooney.



  • Anonymous

    Say what you will, Huber’s ad stands out. Owl still wins on “wierdness” points.

    On a side note: I wonder if Tom’s campaign paid the either the performer or the music publisher for the rights for that Chopin track?

  • man that is so awesome. It is definitely funnier, but the owl is stranger.

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