We already know that disgraced former Treasurer Joe Deters has been helping Josh Mandel raise money for his campaign (he also gave $7,500 himself).

But that’s just the start. Mandel’s campaign coffers are filled with money from shady characters and outright criminals from the financial industry; people who have famously ruined companies and destroyed lives through horrible financial decisions and plain, old-fashioned thievery.

People like…

Selig Zises

Selig has given more than $15,000 to Mandel. Selig and his brother “have been involved in a number of high-risk ventures over the years. Both created (Selig was the chairman of) Integrated Resources, with the help of Michael Milken, the junk bond king of Drexel Burnham Lambert fame in the 1980s. The firm collapsed at the end of that decade and the Zises were named in a class action suit, which was settled in 1995 for $10.6 million.”

Steven and Larry Mizel

The Mizel brothers each gave more than $10,000. According to Newsweek: “Larry Mizel, chairman of Denver-based home builder MDC Holdings, raised more than $500 million in junk-bond money in the 1980s and used half to expand into such shaky markets as Texas and Florida. He invested the rest in the junk bonds of Milken’s other clients and stock in S&Ls like Silverado Banking in Denver. By 1989, MDC had written off $50 million in junk bonds and $28 million of its Silverado stake. Its home-building business was losing millions. A recent debt swap with First Executive insurance company gave MDC a reprieve, but, says one analyst, “it’s a real cliffhanger.”

Morris Silverman

Morris was sued for predatory lending and settled the case for upwards of $200k. He gave $8,000.

Alvin Dworman

Dworman gave Josh Mandel $2,000. Dworman’s website says that he became “known for his original and effective financial structures.” That’s an interesting way to put it, since he was part of the “insolvent Superior Bank, one of the nation’s largest thrift failures in recent years.” He also owns luxury resorts, which seem to be insolvent as well.

Adam Winnick

Adam is the son of Gary Winnick. Gary ran Global Crossings, a communications company, which collapsed and for which he was investigated. $3,000 to Josh Mandel.

And, of course…

Peter Lowy

Lowy was “identified by Senate investigators” for allegedly “using foreign accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes.” Six grand of those unpaid taxes went to help Josh Mandel protect our treasury.

I think you get the point.

These are the people trying to buy influence with Josh Mandel as he seeks to be the individual responsible for protecting and investing state funds. Pretty damn scary thought if you ask me.