Jon Keeling (R-VA) has a poll obsession.  We all know that the second a favorable poll for Kasich comes out, he’s there with a post.  And if a poll has shown Strickland close, Keeling’s there to argue why it doesn’t matter as much as an aggregate average that includes Quinnipiac which both party leaders acknowledged cannot be believed.

Within minutes of the last Ohio Poll, Keeling was quick with a post.   Yesterday, nothing.  He was instead talking on Twitter about the importance of newspaper endorsements.   Never mind that the Cleveland Plain Dealer failed to pick the winner in almost all of the endorsements it made in the county council primaries it made.  A race you’d expect endorsements to matter.

The problem for Keeling is that he’s run out of room to move the goalposts anymore.  We’ve finally hit the critical mass of polling data to show Strickland’s average was, in fact, moving past the 45% mark.  So Keeling is left with only Quinnipiac and Fox News (which is refuted by its pollsters (Rasmussen) own separate poll) to try and argue that Strickland has “flatlined” at 42%.

Keeling said just last week that it wouldn’t be panic time for the Kasich campaign until Strickland hit 50%.  That’s a ridiculous proposition since by then it’s too late.  Regardless, Strickland now has the two most recent polls showing him within the margin of error to 50% and Kasich below 50%.

With Democrats sporting a ten-point lead in the early vote, and the polls sporting Republicans sporting a five-point lead in general electorate still showing the race tied, I cannot imagine a situation where in a week to go the Kasich campaign should not be panicking.  All the momentum is with Strickland.

I admit that I’m enjoying watching Keeling take a day to come up with new spin.  Can’t wait to see what line of crap the Kasich-Taylor campaign is feeding him now.