Just watched this pathetic video of John Kasich.  What a joke.  I think John Kasich has lost his mind.  See, his eyes are turning green!

First of all, John Kasich has a lot of nerve saying that Democrats are peddling fear, and Republicans are peddling hope.  Really?  Since when?  Have you watched Fox News lately, John?  I realize they aren’t PAYING you anymore, but turn it on once for 5 seconds.  You’d think a muslim junta had taken over America already, led by a black panther in the White House, surrounded by Nazi doctors who are about to resurrect Stalin for the sole purpose of killing your grandmother.

And the ever present claim that Democrats will BUY this election?  Really?  So now WE’RE the billionaires?  I thought you guys already killed ACORN, which was never engaged in voter fraud of any kind, proven fact.  And the guy who spent two years crawling up Monica Lewinsky’s panties looking for STAINS tells us that he’s NEVER, God SAVE HIS SOUL, seen anything so negative as Ted Strickland’s campaign.  Might want to wipe the spoo off your microscope before you unleash that whopper, Johnny.

It was only a matter of time before the fictitious universe which Republicans create for themselves to wallow in began turning them into incomprehensible, spitting, twitchers.  When you live in a world where up is down, eventually reality smacks you in the face.  And the reality is that no matter how hard Kasich spits and twitches, he is a Republican running for governor in a state that has had quite enough of Republican sewage passing as policy.  That is beginning to sink in with the Ohio electorate. Kasich can feel it.

The result is that Kasich is panicking so badly, he can’t even face callers on FRESH AIR FOR GOD’S SAKE, the most non-confrontational time slot in all of radio this side of Car Talk.  Only a week to go, but there’s plenty of time for John Kasich to grace us with more…..well…..you know….

Can’t wait.

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