Because where else can you get paid to be a headhunting jackass.

Harrison’s agent, Bill Parise, had told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that his client was “very serious” about retiring

In other news, Sarah Palin was also very serious about being governor of Alaska. You can just hear the conversation with his agent.

“Dude, I knocked out their best player!  How awesome am I!”

“You’re so awesome, James.”

“How do I milk this some more?”

“Feign outrage, James.”


“Yeah.  Means pretend.”

“Oh, ha ha ha, yeah, that.  I’ll pretend to retire.”

“Genius, James!  That’ll get you on Sportscenter AGAIN!”

“How many jerseys will we sell?”

“Enough to buy my new Bentley, James.”

“Cha ching!”

The main problem with this whole stupidity is that the NFL’s new focus on head injuries and concussions did not make it to the level of enforcement by the referees, nor by suspensions, before players started taking guys out with head shots on purpose.  If the medical staff is going to hold a woozy guy out indefinitely, make him woozy, right?  So like any good competitor would, the head shots became part of the game plan. It was extremely counterproductive if your goal is to prevent head injuries.

We’ll see just how serious the refs get with enforcing the rules after this week.  The NFL created a strategic incentive to take guys out by the head, now they have to remove that incentive, fast, and definitively.  When next we check in with Harrison 20 years from now, here’s hoping he hasn’t head shot himself into a vegetable.

  • Oh I get it. Because he’s a big African American athlete he has to be also be so fucking ignorant that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word feign. Way to bash an Akron boy. First dog whistling with thug and now this. Greatness.

    How long have you been a football fan, Tim? Getting hit in the head is a part of the game. Should we start suspending running backs for lowering their heads and having their helmets come into contact with another helmet? Imagine old school players like Ronnie Lott and Jack Lambert playing in the league now. They’d both probably retire or break even after the fines. LOL

    Again, neither hit was flagged or deemed illegal by anyone who actually knows anything about the game of football. I’m going to go with the pros who have played over the skinny kid from Slavic Village, thanks. Your original post doesn’t even get the facts straight (speaking of shock/horror). There was no fine on the Cribbs hit and it was deemed a legal hit by the league. Hell, even the second hit was “being reviewed” AFTER the fine had been levied. That’s how great your “NFL focus” is.

    I notice you never answered Modern when he asks where your post was on the TJ Ward hit on Shipley. These Harrison posts aren’t about you giving a shit for the health of football players. They’re a whining distraction for you to be able to forget for just one second that your beloved Browns are sitting right where they usually are – bottom of the AFC North. 1 win (over the Bengals) ahead of the 0-5 AFC bottom dwelling Bills.

    The game has become soft enough with not being able to breath on a kicker or sneeze on a quarterback without limiting the linebackers to gently lowering their tackled subjects to the ground politely. It’s insane. If you have two shits about player safety you’d be focused on the much worse Dunta Robinson hit that concussed both he and the receiver.

    You don’t.

  • PS: This is my favorite James Harrison hit on a Brown

  • Modern Esquire

    So we agree, then? Tim is a little hypocritcal and you’re being an ass. Glad we could reach this consensus.

    Glad that you think the NFL “doesn’t know a thing about footbal” ICYMI, the NFL has determined that the officials dropped the ball in not making those personal foul penalty calls. I guess Cris Collingsworth and Rodney Harrison don’t know shit about football either.

    But you, Eric, by just your nature of being a Steelers fan despite not growing up in PA, apparently know more about the game… except that what Harrison did clearly violated the rules as did Ward. Both deserved to be fined and the NFL is doing the right thing in threatening suspensions if players appear to flagrantly do it (like Harrison did… TWICE) in hopes of taking advantage of the NFL’s concussion rules to “take a player out.”

    Rules against “tackling by helmet only” has been a long rule of the game. I guess you think spear tackling shouldn’t have been banned. After all, the NFL player get disability pensions, so who cares if someone dies or gets paralyzed (again.)

    Only to you is this about Pittsburgh and the Browns. If it had been Hines Ward laying on the field unconscious, you’d be texting, posting, and tweeting all about it, Eric in a completely different direction. You’re no less a hypocrite than you use my comments to attack Tim with being.

    Instead, you’re posting videos glamorizing what everyone in the NFL has almost universally condemned as dirty tackling. It’s obnoxious.

    They aren’t changing the rules, just the penalities for violating them. The fact that you’d glorify, let alone, defend dirty tacklings is just pathetic.

  • Ugh. I know you’re feeling bad about being the 1 win Cleveland has, but damn. You can’t see straight if you think Harrison tackled with the helmet only. Seriously. Go look again without your Steeler hate glasses on. Neither tackle was dirty. They were both hard. I agree spear tackling should be banned. No arguments there. The problem is neither of Harrison’s hits were. We can argue “defenseless receiver” all day too. If you actually look at the play two things happen that nobody wants to admit. A rookie QB threw behind a receiver over the middle of the field. Thanks buddy! You just got my head taken off! Mohamed also ducks his head down creating the helmet contact. If he keeps his head up without ducking the defender clearly is aiming for the middle of the body. That you can’t see that speaks to your bias.

    It’s about Pittsburgh/Browns as you clearly note because Tim only points out two hits (one of which was not even questioned by anyone) by a Steeler player. If Hines Ward is laying on the field (that made me LOL) I’d be concerned, sure. Would I be posting about it after a loss here? Probably not. If it was the same exact type of hit I would say “damn, that was ugly” and wait for Hines to get up smiling.

    Dude, define “everyone in the NFL”. We must not be reading the same things. I’m seeing even Tom “pretty boy” Brady admit shit like this happens. Even offensive pretty boys realize it’s not dirty or cheap. It’s football. What is obnoxious is having to listen to bottom dwelling Browns and Bengals fans whine about da big bad durty steewas. Pathetic. Especially when the wahmbulance is invoked.

    Speaking of being an ass, for the absolute LAST TIME I’m not going to apologize for deciding to be a Steeler fan at age 4 because my stepfather was from Pittsburgh and I grew up in NFL-less Kentucky. I’m just not. I get to pick. Not you.

  • PS – I know enough about the game to know James Harrison isn’t a rookie. 😉

  • Modern Esquire

    Nope, he just cheats like one.

  • Modern Esquire

    “Bottom dwelling” ?!? Classy.

    The level of denial you suffer is amazing. In your terrible towel warped mind, what do you think he’s being fined for then?

    Saying “shit happens” isn’t the same thing as saying it’s okay. It’s what you say after finding your house is burning down just after being fired from your job.

    Yeah, Hines Ward is a Superman, lol. Yep, if it had been a Steeler, they’d just jump right back up on the next play. Whatever. That’s why he’s listed as “Probable” with only a calf injury just a few weeks ago.

    We’re complaining about calling deliberate helmet to helmet hits to cause concussions dirty. And the NFL agrees with us. The only person who’s got a Steeler centric view on this is you where you believe this was perfectly ok, Harrison is a victim, and all those lying women made up shit about Big Ben.

    This post isn’t about a team’s record. It’s about players deliberately putting themselves and others into completely unnecessary harm simply to win a football game.

    You don’t hear T.O. or Ocho threaten to retire every time they’re fined by the NFL… and that’s for using fuckin’ Twitter before the game! Yes, Harrison acted like a whiny brat over this. I’m sorry that you think he’s a hero to football for his brave pro-concussion stand, but I bet you’re tune would be different if he wasn’t wearing yellow and black.

  • Let me guess. You refer to it as 3rd and 4th place. ROFL. Nothing classless. Just factual.

    Again, there were no “deliberate helmet to helmet hits”.

    I’m over it. You lost me at rookie.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the last 24-hours have clearly demonstrated that you are “over it.” Glad you’ve come down from your crybaby freakout like Harrison. Good for you.

  • Love you back!

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