Because where else can you get paid to be a headhunting jackass.

Harrison’s agent, Bill Parise, had told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that his client was “very serious” about retiring

In other news, Sarah Palin was also very serious about being governor of Alaska. You can just hear the conversation with his agent.

“Dude, I knocked out their best player!  How awesome am I!”

“You’re so awesome, James.”

“How do I milk this some more?”

“Feign outrage, James.”


“Yeah.  Means pretend.”

“Oh, ha ha ha, yeah, that.  I’ll pretend to retire.”

“Genius, James!  That’ll get you on Sportscenter AGAIN!”

“How many jerseys will we sell?”

“Enough to buy my new Bentley, James.”

“Cha ching!”

The main problem with this whole stupidity is that the NFL’s new focus on head injuries and concussions did not make it to the level of enforcement by the referees, nor by suspensions, before players started taking guys out with head shots on purpose.  If the medical staff is going to hold a woozy guy out indefinitely, make him woozy, right?  So like any good competitor would, the head shots became part of the game plan. It was extremely counterproductive if your goal is to prevent head injuries.

We’ll see just how serious the refs get with enforcing the rules after this week.  The NFL created a strategic incentive to take guys out by the head, now they have to remove that incentive, fast, and definitively.  When next we check in with Harrison 20 years from now, here’s hoping he hasn’t head shot himself into a vegetable.