Time to check in on the Cuyahoga County races.  It’s not pretty.

Our nominee for county executive, Public Official #14 himself, Ed Fitzgerald, has one ad on his Youtube channel, which claims to have aired in September.  That probably means the first week of September, right before the September 7 primary, because I have yet to see it on Cleveland TV during the general.  Meanwhile, Republican Matt Dolan’s ads are running all the time, featuring, you guessed it, Public Official #14.

Ken Lanci, the much hyped independent who had promised to spend whatever it took to win, is nowhere to be seen on Cleveland TV either.  Lotta buses wrapped in his own printing company’s product (businessman!), but that’s it.  Unless you count his Perot-like 15 minute infomercials on WEWS, which I’m sure no one watches except his mom.  Lanci’s Youtube channel has what it claims is their “current TV commercial“, which has 17 views.  His infomercial viewcounts below.

My videos of teabaggers get that many views in the first 5 minutes after they’re uploaded.  Here’s Tim McCormack’s Facebook page, which has some activity.  McCormack probably won’t be on TV unless he does a late night cable buy the Monday before the election.

So how’s this gonna play out?  Who knows.  No one is paying any attention to the races, the PD has changed editors two weeks before their pride and joy election even happens, and Matt Dolan is the only presence on television.  You tell me what’s gonna happen.

  • guest

    I’ve seen Lanci ads on TV during the 6 o’clock news hour. The song stings my ears and rots my brain everytime I hear it. Counsider yourself lucky to have missed it!

  • Guest

    Good question. Have heard Lanci on the radio and change the station right away.
    Not sure that I really care since this entire Issue 6 “thing” says “the fix is in to me”. Just another scam to steal money from the taxpayers so that big business can have more welfare.

  • Anastasjoy

    My guess? Dolan, Lanci, and Scipione split the cynical and right-wing vote, and Ed FitzGerald wins. Dolan can run 500 commercials a day but he still needs 100% of Republicans and a majority of the disaffected independents solidly behind him to have a chance — and he doesn’t have that, not by a long shot. I would not be surprised to see Lanci come in second. I’m betting McCormack and Ellison finish last and second to last. Ellison probably will be last, even though he’s a good man.

  • Anastasjoy

    Is that the song he made a video for that has the line “Who are you? I think I saw your name on the bus”? Deathless lyrics!

  • Drones216

    Lanci has radio ads on sports talk espn 850am heard during the really big show 9am to 12pm

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