It’s an election year in Ohio, which means it’s time for the national wannabe blog kingpins to fuck up our state’s politics.  Yay.

We all remember Cliff Schecter in Ohio.  Used to be one of our favorite Ohio bloggers.  Now, Cliff is making a habit of being Jane Hamsher’s whore, and getting fired from campaigns all over the state, including Marilyn Brown’s doomed 2009 primary against Jennifer Garrison’s doomed run for Secretary of State.  Recently, Cliff got fired (i.e. resigned lol) from Kevin Boyce’s state treasurer’s office.  Why this guy keeps turning up like a bad penny is anyone’s guess.

Since Boyce’s office showed Schecter the door, Schecter is orchestrating a blog campaign to tout precisely the same racist islamophobic hate campaign against Boyce that Republican Josh Mandel is pushing.  Schecter, like any national blogger wannabe worth his puny grain of salt, has a network of fellow lefty blogosphere glitterati who are happy to grind whatever the axe du jour may be.  Schecter’s latest bed-shitting at Boyce’s treasurer’s office inures to the benefit of Republican Josh Mandel via those pals.

Namely, Mike Stark of Daily Kos. whose headline at DailyKos Josh Mandel couldn’t pay for in his wildest dreams.

When progressive Democrats should vote for the Republican – Or The Corruption Of Kevin Boyce

Thanks Mike!!  See you in Ohio in 2012!!  Same headline at Stark’s HuffPo cross post one week later. And Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny chimes in.  There’s even a fake Twitter account, created October 4.  MyDD diarist Texas Nate takes the same exact shots, which is then literally cut and pasted verbatim at Agonist. Looks like Schecter is working harder to trash a fellow Democrat than he did to help any Democrat in Ohio recently.

How do we know this is all Schecter’s doing, aside from the rather obvious confluence of the usual national lefty suspects with the human resources train wreck belonging to one of their own?  Well, I know all, haven’t we established that one yet?  And conveniently, all you have to do is type “” into your browser which redirects to an anonymous blog where, you guessed it, more Boyce bashing from someone claiming to be in California.  So heart warming to see so many out of state Democrats SO interested in the Ohio treasurer’s race that they urge fellow Dems to vote Republican!!

Which brings me to the following….how the hell does a guy like this keep getting gigs in Ohio?  He’s working for the state treasurer’s office, on the taxpayer payroll, while getting paid to pimp for Marilyn Brown, while taking money from Jane Hamsher to help kill health care reform…..I mean, COME ON.  There aren’t enough people in Ohio looking for work, we have to dredge up Cliff Schecter, repeatedly, so he can turn around and campaign for Josh Mandel?

I wouldn’t care so much that Cliff Schecter is a known douchebag if I didn’t also know Josh Mandel is a calculatingly foul display of all that is sickening about Republicans.  And all these lefty bloggerati will be turning up in Ohio in 2012 to preen for their careers.  Do us a favor guys….we’ll have a president to re-elect, ya’ll need to stay out the way.

  • Wow. Why does this name Schecter always seem to come with a shit footprint?

  • Pelikan

    Un. F’ing. Believable. If this is the new world, I liked the old one better. Of all the Rs to take home to Mom & Dad — Josh Mandel???! Respect his service to our country, but the way he’s run his campaign says a lot more about his character than going to Iraq does. Just saw former Bush comms director on Maddow the other night. She went to work attempting to wrangle Palin on the McCain campaign and ended up getting trashed up one way and down the other by Palin. The former comms director and campaign veteran, what has she done? Kept her mouth shut. She said that’s part of the job – lie still while the bus runs over top … Cliff didn’t have a great time with Boyce, but pulling this shit in this year is stupid if you have a long view and give two shits about fighting the ignorant stereotypes and misinformation about our party. Geesh.

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