From Huffington Post:

A congressional candidate criticized for dressing in a Nazi uniform during World War II re-enactments is facing questions from his opponent about whether he is exaggerating his military service.

Republican Rich Iott is a colonel in the Ohio Military Reserve, a volunteer militia authorized by the state and overseen by the commander of the Ohio’s national guard units.

The (Toledo) Blade reports that Iott says in a campaign mailer that his experience helps him understand "the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made because he serves himself."

His opponent in the fall election, incumbent Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, has said Iott is trying to mislead voters into believing that he is in the armed forces.

Mr. Iott was better off when the issue was just his “pretend” soldiering.  But most active duty and reserve folks would scoff at the notion that a person in Ohio’s militia understands the sacrifices those men and women make.

Iott is proud of his 28 years of volunteering in Ohio Military Reserve and has never claimed to be a veteran, said campaign spokesman Matthew Parker.

No, he just strongly implied it because most people don’t know there is such a thing as the Ohio Military Reserve or what that is.  Mr. Iott claimed he understands the sacrifices the men and women in uniform make, but he serves in the OMR, which cannot see active duty combat overseas.  It’s the final step below the Ohio National Guard.  It’s what we’ve got when the Guard isn’t enough. 

You’d think it’s second-in-command would realize that distinction.